Injectables: Why are they just not working as they should!

Injectables Why Are They Just Not Working As They Should

We all want to look fresh faced and youthful for as long as possible. A skin maintenance plan may include anti-wrinkle injectables to help prevent lines and wrinkles from appearing or progressing. But, what if it’s not working?

Injectables why they may not work?

Injectables are a great way to keep ageing at bay, to soften lines and wrinkles and plump up areas which need a little volume boost. Here are four reasons why your anti-wrinkle injections may not be working as they should:

1. Not Allowing Enough Time

Injectables need time to work and set in expect it to take up to 2 weeks for them to fully exert their function in relaxing the target muscles.

2. Building up a resistance

Over time and with many years of treatment with injectables you may develop a higher resistance to the products. You may notice that you need a larger number of units to achieve the same results as previously achieved. You may also see that the results wear off more rapidly than in the past. The good news is that this resistance (or at least, its clinically significant form) is not very common.

3. Incorrect dosage

An accurate number of units needs to be recommended after a full consultation and by a registered doctor. The doctor takes many factors into consideration such as the depth and type of wrinkles as well as the tone of the muscles and the anatomy of the area. Not following a doctor’s recommendation on the number of units can result in under-correction.

4. Issues Related to Preparation, Injecting, and Post-care

Medicine is a fine art and experience is the key. Physicians – cosmetic specialists, plastic surgeons, or even dermatologists – are not routinely trained on how to perform cosmetic injections during their school years and clinical training. Always choose experienced and trained aesthetic doctors to ensure the best results minus any complications.

How can you make a difference?

The greatest way you can make a difference is by ensuring you choose wisely when looking for a medical aesthetics doctor. Check that the injectables are from a legitimate supplier and not from a black market source. Look for a registered medical aesthetics professional who has many hours of experience and runs a registered clinic.


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