Fractional Fusion: Hurting Your Skin To Heal It, How It Works?

Fractional Fusion: Hurting Your Skin To Heal It, How It Works?

There’s a saying in medicine; “first, do no harm.” That means always considering a holistic approach to your wellbeing when treating your health. Of course, super-healing skin treatments (like Fractional Fusion) need your complexion to work a bit harder. And for that, they purposely – but safely – “injure” the skin to get it to speed up its own healing. 


It’s like taking your skin for therapy; you can go once and feel lighter but never again. Or you commit to some deep work. Book a few sessions and get the root of what’s really bothering you. Back to those micro-injury skin sessions – like micro-needling, for instance. For those with darker skin tones (Fitzpatrick IV to VI), skin treatments that cause micro-injuries can seem stressful. 


The risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)? We hear you! Choosing a skin healer that works effectively but is still safe means any skin type and tone can get the results they crave. 


Healing Skin That Sometimes Hurts: Say Hello to Fractional Fusion 3

What’s happened to your skin? Has it been hit by sun, stress, pollution and habits you can’t break, like smoking? That’s life. It’s normal to see damage from simply living day-to-day. We’re human, and so is our skin. But it’s putting some thought into its care that separates life and age-related challenges from the point of no return. 


Many women are switched to prejuvenation, which is excellent news for their skin. If that’s you, then ageing prevention rather than cure is on your radar. But what about those skins that are known to inflame or injure when being treated? Sound like yours? Dark skin tones may benefit from fractional treatments, but as soon as the words heat or energy procedures are mentioned, worries about more than just the ouch factor start to creep in. And that makes total sense. If your skin is prone to PIH, it’s natural to think twice when seeking prejuvenation or anti-ageing treatment. 


But how badly are those acne scars and other skin texture issues bugging you? There is always a solution, and with Fractional Fusion 3, treatment types combined with serums, peels, and even light therapy mean a customised plan. 


Revealing the New Skin Within: How to Fight Your Fiercest Concerns

So, you know Fraction Fusion 3 is a strategy that will ultimately save your skin, but what exact concerns does it treat? 


First, think of small zones of skin. In other words, an acne scar (or scars) or issues like sagging skin. Tired of those jowls? Well, this is a way to tighten them. Think of it as working on skin texture on the face, but because life is full of (great) surprises, it’s safe for the neck, chest, mouth area and even that ultra-delicate skin around your eyes. Through treatments like Endymed Intensif, Secret RF and Endymed FSR, new-age hybrid tech is used to restore what needs a youth boost. 


Think radiofrequency-micro-needling-meets-heat-fractional treatment. It’s the latest device-driven tech for zoning in on texture-related skin concerns that any skin tone can benefit from. That’s the beauty of putting the latest advances in modern aesthetic medicine together and looking at what a diverse mix of women need. 


So what is the final say on Fractional Fusion?

Ready to take your skin to the next level? Leave the worry of doing more harm than good behind and look forward to investing a healthy, happy skin. We all need solutions like Fractional Fusion for our body’s largest organ, which work and make us feel confident in our choices. Here’s to hitting your skin goals the first time! 



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    Hi there,
    is this the same as fraxel laser? and what is the downtime on this procedure.
    thanks and regards
    Jenny Shub

    • Ellen de Beer

      Please let me know as well.

      • Beauty desk

        Hi Ellen

        No it is not the same, I will get our team to forward your more info.

        Regards Heather

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Jenny

      No it is not at all, I will get our team to send you more info.

      Regards Heather


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