Nefertiti Contour Lift: How Combined Injectables Are Taking On Jowls

Nefertiti Contour Lift: How Combined Injectables Are Taking On Jowls

When you hear Nefertiti Contour Lift, think about the word “jowls.” It doesn’t even sound nice to say. Essentially, skin on the jawline that’s sagging and loose (which most people develop with age), this naturally occurring phenomenon is impacted by the sun and smoking. In other words, UV exposure and lifestyle choices speed up the ageing process. Do you have to live with them? Absolutely not! And do you have to live with other issues around the jawline area that are softening your profile? 


Again, no! From tightening jowls to defining a receding chin (and stopping your lower lip drooping), the Nefertiti Contour Lift is a combined injectables treatment that tackles the lower face. Want a sharper, sleeker and more honed look? This one’s worth studying up on. 


Combined Injectables Plus Other Benefits: The Inside Scoop You Need To Know

It’s well known that injectables like botulinum toxin are still considered the gold standard in de-ageing skin. Now, combine its powers with strategically placed hyaluronic acid fillers and add Radiofrequency and Yag skin tightening laser and light superheroes. You have the power of four in one therapy. As we all know, in life, timing is everything. The benefits of injectables like neurotoxins need space to settle and go to work. So, think of the Nefertiti Contour Lift as a two-part process: your teeny nips from the needles first and then your skin tightening with radiofrequency and Yag two weeks later. 


Why the need to go back for more skin treatment? Treatment combining is a very clever approach to de-ageing. For your lower face, this means dermal volumisers add volume to the chin area and lift sagging skin, botulinum toxin relaxes the platysma muscle and helps lift the jowls and skin tightening devices tighten loose skin and lessen the appearance of sagging skin. Triple whammy! Trust us, the break in between is worth it. 


Lower Face Treatment Take Over: Your Concern, Your Solution 

Jowls, droopy lower lips and receding chins aside, there may be other lower face issues affecting you health-wise. Have you ever been told you have an overbite? Sure, that may have you thinking of an orthodontist, but first, decide if any skin ageing issues have cropped up. A dental challenge like an overbite can show up on your skin. Marionette lines (known as a mouth frown) are impacted by an overbite, meaning a deep-looking wrinkle (or gasp, wrinkles) starting at the corners of your mouth down towards your jawline. 


Enter this super-hard working treatment. As it targets the area below the lower lip with injectables, it can enhance the look of the Marionette Line zone and even impact functionality. Another issue that may be your particular bugbear is the dreaded double chin. This one is a toughie. It might be a weight issue, but it’s often simply ageing loose skin that’s enemy number one. 


So, give yourself a break and consider treatment over a tricky diet. The injection of dermal volumiser at a certain point on the jawline means adding volume and support to this area. The treatment also lifts and tightens the skin of the jowls and under the chin. It’s a win-win, basically. 


So what’s the final word?

The beauty of aesthetic medicine is that constant innovation answers the need for gorgeous looks and the increasing demand for issue-based solutions. Sure, you want to look amazing, but feeling amazing after living with a struggle makes such a difference. And this is what treatment combining in one therapy does so well; it gets stuff done. And properly so! 



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    Good day,
    Would it be possible to send me a quotation of what the treatment as above, will cost please?
    i have very slight “jowls” which need treatment.

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Chantelle

      Thank you for reaching out, our online team will be in touch shortly.

      Regards Heather

  2. Colleen McKee

    I would like to have an appointment with one of the professionals regarding my lower part of my face double chin and sagging skin.

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Colleen

      Thanks for reaching out. Our online team will be in touch shortly and assist you with more information.

      Regards Heather


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