Ageing Skin: Getting Candid About The Real State Of Your Skin

Ageing Skin: Getting Candid About The Real State Of Your Skin

You are so much more than just your age. And these days ageing skin, whether 40, 50 – 60 even – is really just a number! Everybody knows it’s about how you feel and, very importantly, how you feel about your appearance. With that said, ageing face and body issues like wrinkles and dry and dull skin are signs that the years are ticking past quickly. 


Feeling a little “meh” when you look in that mirror? Quite normal. You may feel like 29 on repeat, but it’s time to shift focus if you’re seeing your age and not liking it. Set your sights on working on those issues that are either prematurely ageing you or time vs skin. 


Premature Ageing: Why Your Skin Needs Prejuvenation (Like Really Needs It)

Heard of the concept of prejuvenation? If you are talking about ageing wrinkles like bunny linescrow’s feet, and conditions such as dry and dull skin, then before you seek to turn back your skin’s clock, know first how to stop further damage. Prejuvenation – especially important before you start to noticeably age – means being a skin activist. In other words, you take treatments seriously and stay ahead of the anti-ageing game. 


Does this mean you’re using home care that’s too rich and nourishing for your skin? No. Nor does it mean booking for treatments that offer solutions to issues that haven’t yet cropped up. But it does mean great basics like year-round SPF application, routine chemical peels and, when needed, intelligent rejuvenation therapies. 


The State of Your Skin: How New-Age Rejuvenation De-Ages Skin and Body

So, you’re on a mission to decrease wrinkles and bring that glow back to your skin. Skincare treatment products are excellent, but the thing about getting older is the physiological changes to the structure of your face. Your skin will naturally change due to bone loss and loose skin. And that’s where rejuvenation treatments are game changers. And for those with premature ageing (wrinkles, age spots, dryness) who need to undo UV damage that SA is all too famous for, new-age therapies mean excellent news. 


Look not only at treatments like laser – Pearl™ Rejuvenation works on skin resurfacing – but also heat energy therapies suitable for all skin types. Endymed 3Deep RF Skin Tightening helps to smooth wrinkles and tighten skin by stimulating collagen and elastin. Delivering energy exactly where the skin needs it, even the thin and delicate eye area can be lifted with lines softened. Teaming up treatments (treatment combining) is one surefire way to show ageing the door. For dull skin that won’t quit, re-energise it with Laser Genesis™, which focuses on creating more skin-loving collagen. And adding a professional peel instantly switches on your skin’s natural radiance.  


Body of Work: Why Dull Skin is an Age Thing 

Face aside, are you feeling like your limbs are less glowy? That’s because dullness is one of the first signs you’ve aged. Annoying right? And while the excessive buildup of the outside layer of skin (it’s not being exfoliated adequately regularly) is probably the cause, so too is the number of candles on your birthday cake. And this is why: as we grow older, our cells weaken, and the signs of damage become more noticeable. Constant sun exposure also causes our skin to appear dull and dry. And the body’s functionality slows down, and vital nutrients need to be delivered more quickly (or as well) to where they are required. What to do about this? Simple! Exfoliate. Ever had one done by an expert? 


Rather than scrubbing away at your arms and legs (and never quite reaching that spot between your shoulder blades) in the shower, go pro. That means peels like Alpha Hydroxy or Beta Hydroxy or even microdermabrasion. For those suffering from acne scaring or hyperpigmentation, ask a skilled medical aesthetic therapist about the benefits of an Azelan Peel.


Ready to look 16 again? Erm, perhaps not! Own your age and celebrate it, but why not boost your skin back to health again. It’s really not about a number but rather about how you feel. So 26 or 56, here’s to feeling incredible about your appearance. 


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