Genetic ageing: Did You Inherit Your Mama’s Skin?

Genetic ageing: Did You Inherit Your Mama's Skin?

 What did you get from your Mother’s side of the family? Apart from Mama’s excellent cooking skills, work ethic and that little mole next to your upper lip? Well, a lot, especially in the skin department. Science says on a genetic level; our birth Moms give us half of our DNA at conception. But of course, there are those nine months of pregnancy, and you and your Mother got really close during that time. You end up sharing each other’s cells. How amazing? And it’s because of this, her cells stay in your blood and tissues for decades, including organs like the skin. So, think of it this way: your Mom really is part of your skin and not just handing over some of her skin’s history. When you look to choosing treatments for skin health and genetic ageing, your mother’s face is like your personal time machine guiding you on your preventative skin journey. So take it stage by stage. 

The Twenties: Beautiful Skin Needs Maintenance 

You’re 25 and just got your first (real) job. You’re dating up a storm, and life is pretty awesome apart from the digs situation. Your skin is rather fabulous too. But it’s from this age – actually from as young as 20 – that your collagen starts to slow down. What did your Mom do for her skin in her 20s? Was this when she began a proper skincare routine? Go a step further with new-age facials that use innovative tech to maintain what your mama gave you. In other words, a healthy glow, perfect hydration levels and skin balancing. And yes, breakoutsenlarged pores and dehydration can be helped with a tip-top treatment like the HydraTouch Facial. Suitable for all skin types, look to genes to see how investing in your skin can have massive rewards. 

The Thirties: The Age of Getting Serious About Treatment & Genetic Ageing

 Your 30s is known as a busy time in life; perhaps marriage, kids and shoring up those career goals are all on the cards? It’s also time to get down to serious skin business. Take treatments a step further, looking not only at maintenance but proactively protecting the skin against ageing. Check-in with Mom. How did she treat wrinkling in this decade? If you’re worried about this and issues like acne scarring, treatments like Dermapen Skin Needling will help. And if you’ve inherited her oilier skin type, it’s also the ticket for enlarged pores. However, new-age micro-needling with radiofrequency means those who suffer from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) no longer need to stress. Endymed Intensif RF Micro-Needling blends trauma-free treatment with a speedier recovery time thanks to clever tech. And that’s excellent news for darker skin tones which should never have to fear PIH.

The Forties & Beyond: Making the Right Investment

As you dash from a board meeting to a building site and on to your daughter’s ballet school, you remember you’re overdue for your injectables. But hold up; wait a minute. While everyone else is happily getting neurotoxins and dermal fillers, you’ve always wondered how Mom covered that loose skin around her eyes. And also hid her lax jawline after the big five-oh. That’s where treatments like laser and light therapy come in. And there are so many modern, advanced options out there. Thought about tightening that super delicate skin around your eyes with radiofrequency to remodel essential collagen? Say hello to Endymed 3 Deep RF Tightening. It’s ideal for treating fragile skin on the face – like the eyes and mouth – that you don’t want to damage while under a laser. 

As you age, think of all your mother taught you about skin and keeping it healthy. Learning from her and working with your shared DNA to improve genetic ageing is how you care for it, is a real tribute to what you share. It’s a beautiful journey, and it’s never too late to start. Here’s to your Mom and everything she gave you! 


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