Facials: The Anatomy Of This Essential Skin Treatment

Facials: The Anatomy Of This Essential Skin Treatment

The facial is like rice in sushi: the foundation. Without its solid maintenance, you may find your skin is like salmon and avo; good but not amazing. And certainly not protected. Facials have moved on dramatically from the old days of the steam ‘n cream. Modern facials mean shoring up skin, and helping it to get healthy and happy again. Yes t’s great to mask and move on, but wouldn’t you want a facial that works hard for you? Medical facials do just that. And while they may seem a “special treat” think essential skincare over once-in-a-while therapy. And, this is why:

Essential Skin Treatment: The Anatomy of Your Skin’s Condition

Yes, facials should feel nice, all soothing and pampering, but facials need to be solution-based too. And that’s where being honest with what your skin is struggling with comes in. An expert medical aesthetic therapist will get to grips with your skin’s history and understand what needs treating. And because modern innovation means facials use tech to care and heal, device-driven therapy is a game changer. So why shouldn’t you let the latest devices help solve your skin challenges? And there’s no need to sacrifice on that time out you’re after. Facials are known to lower stress and treatments like the HydraTouch Facial  are designed to do just that. You’ll get deep relaxation and treatment for many skin conditions like dehydration, congestion, breakouts and ageing concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

Tech Today: The Anatomy of Device-Driven Facials

As many facials use devices for their power to deliver active ingredients, see tech as a way to reap great skin rewards. Ask yourself what is it you really need out of a facial? Skin tightening? We love anti-aging through a peptide or collagen serum that gets soaked into skin through a process called transdermal mesotherapy.  The Anti Ageing Mesoglow Facial  perfect for all skin types, helps boost your face through youth-giving electrical stimulation and vibration. Little channels are opened up in the skin, and as a result, in go the active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and that extra peptide or collagen serum you may need. Able to sink deep into the layers of skin that need collagen stimulation, those actives start working hard for your skin.

To end, the device is switched off, meaning the channels close and your skin gets cooled and healed with an alginate mask. Now, how’s that for a facial?

Modern Skin Treatment: The Facial’s Just Getting Better

With its ability to not only cleverly treat skin condition, today’s facial can also turn around skin that needs to look good, fast! Ok, so we’re not talking absolute miracles, but think of those big occasions you want a flawless look for. Ever considered a treatment in your lunch hour for the most gorgeous glow?

The PDT with MesoSilkpeel Facial boosts skin instantly. For that healthy radiance and dewy hydration we all crave, this option is not only relaxing but works quickly a very short space of time. And you get to choose your fighter. After Photo Dynamic Light (PDT) therapy your skin gets the meso-infusion best suited to its needs – like brightening and evening out pigmented skin. And while it’s all about treating concerns (like dehydration to oiliness), the goal is to get your complexion looking it’s absolute best: soothed, hydrated, soft, clear and glowing gorgeously.

Feeling excited to start your facial journey? Because whether you need to bring your skin back to life with a moisture-boosting and rejuvenating HydraTouch Facial experience, or want to help your skin de-age through oxygen and hydration with a Carboxy Mesoglow Facial your perfect treatment means the foundation of healthy, happy skin.



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