Botulinum Toxin When You’re Young: The Future of Facial Prejuvenation?

Botulinum Toxin When You’re Young: The Future of Facial Prejuvenation?

Youth is wasted on the young. Heard that from your Gogo, great aunt – even your old teacher from high school? It doesn’t have to be. Choices you make in your 20’s and 30’s count for a lot. And prejuvenation, meaning what you do before you seriously salvage your skin, keeps an obstacle in ageing’s path. And one of the best ways to do this is with the power of botulinum toxin. 


Facial Prejuvenation: The Power of Now

It’s easy to be on the fence when looking this good. That’s why youth really is wasted on the young. The best person to chat honestly about ageing skin is your Mom or Dad. Firstly, you share the same genes, so your ageing journey will likely be very similar. Add in the sun and some lifestyle habits like smoking, and you know what forty, fifty or even sixty-plus you will look like. But before we go there, let’s chat about the here and now. What happens in this moment can help future you so much like repetitive muscle movement. 


Dynamic wrinkles are those you see when your face is in expression mode. Are you re-telling that hilarious story that you’ve dined out since varsity? Except now you’re seeing little creases around your nose (Bunny Lines) every time you laugh? Keep smiling. This is the perfect time to apply prejuvenation magic to your skin treatment plan. Botulinum toxin helps control muscle movement (they relax muscles); therefore, the result on the skin is a lesser-looking wrinkle. The beauty of having this type of treatment earlier in life – when lines are finer – is that you aren’t repeatedly working the muscles. 


Yes, your movement does come back after up to four months, but at this time, that furrowed brow (known as glabellar lines) won’t be doing its thing. 


Botulinum Toxin: Why it’s Game, Set, Match When You’re Young

But is it normal to start with neurotoxins in your 20s, you may wonder? Well, what’s normal? Let’s talk


About the factors that get us from youthful babes to more concealer now, please! This may make better sense as to why having that little pinch from the expert Doctor’s needle in your 20s rather than waiting till you’re 45. Your skin’s thickness, colour, and vascularity (network of blood vessels) can determine how quickly damage or signs of ageing, like fine lines and wrinkles, appear. 


Light skin tones are generally more prone to sun damage, while darker skin tones are naturally more vulnerable to hyperpigmentation. In other words, we all age differently and in different ways. And indeed, not may at some preconceived age or time. So, if you need to smooth that line, find that skilled injector (always a medical aesthetic doctor, please) and prejuvenate! It’s better now than when those crow’s feet are deep set. 


Times, they have certainly changed. And for your skin, this is very happy news. Why put off what can be done today? Your skin is your largest organ, so looking after it is essential from an overall health perspective. There’s another school of thought that is very much in keeping with the current need for self-care. 


Regularly caring for your skin can provide many mental and physical health benefits. Using the right skincare products and a treatment plan that serves your goals can improve feelings of self-worth and trigger mood-boosting chemicals. Now, who doesn’t love that? 



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