Put Your Best Face Forward: injectables for a happier-looking you.

Put Your Best Face Forward: injectables for a happier-looking you.

We’re all emotive beings. And our feelings and thoughts play out on our faces. Yes, even when we’re relaxed, and not meaning to express emotion. That’s because sometimes there’s a disconnect between mood and the face’s natural, rested look. Ever been asked if you’re angry when actually you’re feeling pretty content? It’d be quite a conscious job to keep your face looking constantly happy. Or would it? Here’s how to put your best face forward with the help of injectables.

What Makes Your Face Emotional?

Understanding what’s making you look different to how you feel on the inside is critical. Facial movements (muscle contractions) are the reason we frown or scowl. Those movements appear to make us angry. And they send others a message; I’m not happy. Same story with a downturned mouth. Translation? I’m sad. It’s simply a way for those in your space to read your body language. However contract these facial movement too often and deeper creasing starts to show up. It’s all thanks to repetitive action. Additionally, that could mean when the face is resting, the emotion is left behind. And yes, even if you feel quite happy with life!

Best Injectables For A Brighter You?

Put your best face forward with a combination of dermal volumisers and neurotoxins. As each skin needs different treatment, chat strategy with an expert aesthetic medical doctor first. They’ll help pinpoint the root cause of less-than-happy expressions. Are marionette lines (creases from the mouth corners down to the chin) making you sad? This is a great area to treat with dermal volumiser for wrinkle plumping. Additionally, using this treatment can help the lower face appear more neutral and relaxed. Grumpy but not really grumpy? Here’s where issues like low brows can be solved with neurotoxin injections. Lifting sagging or furrowed brows opens the eye area and brightens the face.

The Best Treatment Technique?

Think of injectables as the substance to put your best face forward. How the treatment is done however can make all the difference. This is where techniques like MD Codes™ mean a holistic approach. As a result, it’s known that a more natural-looking outcome can be achieved. This is done with an adjustable treatment strategy – after all, no two faces are alike. Also, MD Codes™ technique helps doctors find causes (not just symptoms) of aged-looking skin. And this helps with unique procedure tailoring. Additionally this type of method can better get your happy face on. Areas of the face directly linked to emotional qualities are recognised. Next, your expert skin doctor can determine how to better enhance these emotional traits. This is done by injecting at strategic skin sites to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results. If you feel your absolute best after the treatment, then it’s done its job!  

Is it time for your inner you to match your outer appearance? There’s a targeted treatment plan for every face. Remember, the best version of you is a reflection your inside beauty – let it shine!


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