Face lift? Forget it! Restoring volume in the face is an instant refresh!

Face lift? Forget it! Restoring volume in the face is an instant refresh!

Have you started to catch yourself lifting up the skin at the sides of your face and wondering what a little lift could do? Before you start Googling plastic surgeons, you’re going to want to read this and forget about that face lift.

Sagging skin is often the consequence of a loss of volume. This is something that can easily be corrected with a little help from non-invasive dermal fillers. Often, the results are so dramatic they’ll delay the need for a face lift if not scrap it all together!

The weight loss you don’t want

Losing a few kilograms from your waistline is great. Losing just a few grams in your face, however, is not. Alas, over time, the natural ageing process sees us start to lose the fat in the middle of our face. The consequence is a loss of volume in the cheek area, an accentuation of hollow cheekbones, and a sagging of the skin. Also, the area below our cheekbones (known as the buccal cheek area) often becomes more indented. But not in a good way that makes you look like you’re a contouring pro. The kind of indent we’re talking about could best be described as gaunt. What’s worse is that this kind of volume loss can also accentuate hollow under eye circles completing an unattractive, perpetually tired “skeleton” look.

A return to plump minus the face lift

In the past, there wasn’t much you could do to restore your face’s youthful-looking volume. Now, however, thanks to new advances in aesthetics, a little bit of dermal filler is all you need to plump things up. Aside from creating an instantly more youthful look and more attractive contours (“hello cheek bones!”), this can also give you a little lift. As an example, think of how the hem of your dress would lift if you had to slip a pillow under it and hold it on your stomach. That’s what happens with your skin. Just a little padding in the upper half of your face can create a little lift in the lower half of your face. This way, you can kiss those annoying nasolabial folds, the lines that can create that unattractive “bulldog” look, good bye!

Simply restoring lost volume will go a long way towards improving sagging. However, if you’d like even more of a list, you can improve things further with a few strategically placed PDO threads. As we said, the results can be so gratifying you won’t believe you ever even considered going under the knife.

Don’t forget about your eyes

As we said, losing volume in the middle of your face can end up emphasising dark circles and hollow-looking eyes. Happily, a little bit of filler can make a dramatic difference. Still, it’s important that this type of procedure is only ever performed by a skilled injector. If placed incorrectly, you could walk away with filler that slides downwards and creates another unwanted problem – under eye bags! To prevent this, an aesthetic doctor who knows what they’re doing will inject a slightly more viscous (thick) filler just beneath your eye area. This acts as a “dam wall” to ensure the more liquid filler that thickens up the skin just below your eyes remains in place.

Liquid face lift for the eyes

What’s great about under-eye filler is that it’s instantly gratifying. One minute you’re gaunt and the next you look fabulously refreshed! While you might experience mild smelling, there’s no downtime. Also, there’s a small risk of bruising but nothing you couldn’t hide with a little concealer. The best bit, however, is that your new look can last as long as 18 months and be “topped-up” at any time. Once you see the results, you’ll want to ensure your lovely new look is for keeps.


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