The Eyes: How They Change with Squinting (& Why It’s Normal)

The Eyes: How They Change with Squinting (& Why It's Normal)

Your bestie just got glasses. And yes, she’s five years older than you, and your eyesight is only really dodgy after a full day behind your laptop, right? Before thinking, “glasses are for older people,” think of all the strain your peepers take each day. Your eyes only rest when you sleep, so they’re doing overtime when you’re reading, working, driving, or going for that run in the sharp morning sun. So, while it may drive you crazy to squint to read the fine print, it’s totally normal. It’s just signs of wear and tear, and here comes the bit you may not want to hear, ageing

Dynamic Wrinkles: Why The Eyes Mean Change 

Face it; you’re not a zombie. Well, we hope not! Your eyes are there to work hard for you and also tell the world about your emotional state. So if you often make a movement or expression – and this includes squinting – you may be more likely to get frown lines. These are known as glabellar lines and are naturally part of getting older. Don’t freak out – and don’t try to stay motionless. It’s impossible, anyway. Muscles around the eye area mean you can open and close your eyelids – so they have a particular function. And these muscles (orbicularis oculi) are also there to help you express yourself. How else would you frown when your man tells you his mom is coming to stay…for two months?!

Eye Lines: What Do You Need to Smooth? 

Often you hear about crow’s feet or laugh lines (those sit around the mouth, by the way), but when you want to treat them, you’re at a loss for terminology. Don’t stress. An expert aesthetic medical doctor will know how to best treat your lines of concern so the area is smoothed out and further damage is blocked. 

Neurotoxin injectables mean a furrowed brow and eye wrinkles (yes, those crow’s feet) can be treated. Think of this therapy as a way to temporarily stop muscle movement but not freeze your face. The goal is to look refreshed around your eyes, and the sign of a skilled doctor is that the results are natural yet de-age you. There are also great arguments for building wrinkles back up again. You know, those deep-set ones that seem more like a canal than a line. If you’re seeing a “scar-like” wrinkle, this may be because you’ve been squinting over a lengthy period. Volume loss (another culprit of ageing) means sunken under eyes need the help of dermal volumisers over neurotoxins. 

Remember to speak to your expert about the right super eye-smoothing solution for you as well as trends in eye rejuvenation. 

So There’s No Need To Worry

Not so scared of specs anymore? Your eyes can look super sexy underneath them. And hey, seeing clearly is better than squinting! Whatever your needs, know that your eye skin can be rejuvenated and maintained. Even a little eye cream goes a long way to making this area look amazing. So why not make this your year of excellent eye health, whether it be glasses, skin treatment or a collagen-restorative product?

It’s such a worthwhile journey to take! 


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