Eye Rejuvenation: Perk Up Your Peepers with Reviving Therapies 

Eye Rejuvenation: Perk Up Your Peepers with Reviving Therapies 

Whether yours are brown, green or blue, your beautiful eyes tell a story about your face like no other zone can. Why is this area so special? Firstly, expression and then, of course, there’s ageing. What’s cool about ageing, you may be wondering. Well, it’s a life lived – a precious one. And, of course, your very own one. How you want to manage ageing is totally up to you. Are you feeling a little tired of looking tired? There’s a treatment for that, as well as so many more pick-me-ups for eye rejuvenation. 


Perking Up Your Peepers: Finding Your Happy-Making Therapy

As we hit the end of the year’s first quarter (can you actually believe it?), the rush is catching up. Dark circles and hollow under-eyes could make you look more exhausted than you actually are. Keep calm and pick up your phone because there’s a remedy for a worn-out gaze that won’t quit; the Tear Trough Lift. A clever mix of solutions that include dermal volumisers and carboxytherapy, this tailored treatment means not only hydrating the under-eye zone but remodelling it too. 


Why are both these elements so essential? With hydration, you’re helping with issues like dehydration and general skin breakdown. This is such an issue for the under-eye zone as it’s very delicate skin that suffers wear and tear easily. It needs the health of restoring hydration plus the plumping of dermal volumisers to brighten and fill hollows. That means glows and a definite youth boost! 


Reviving Treatments: Other Ways to Elevate Your Eye Rejuvenation 

Heard of an eye peel? Well, it’s more than that and certainly doesn’t just focus on your eye area alone. You get terrific all-round treatment for age-related challenges as well as customised focus on your peepers to help with fine lines and wrinkles and under-eye bags. A combined treatment, Fraction Fusion, is laser resurfacing and includes an MCCM Eye Peel


While suitable for skin types one to three, Carboxytherapy is another method to treat issues like eye bags and dark circles effectively. Infusing the area with oxygen, this much-needed gas is vital to all skin types as it ages. Levels naturally drop off by as young as 30 years old. Your skin is the last organ to get oxygen supply, so it makes sense that a treatment that pushes it back in – as well as stimulates circulation and collagen – will really help bring tired zones to life. And that carboxytherapy is safe and hardly invasive means you’re not risking potential damage, especially around the delicate eye area. This is not a spot you want to mess with!


As late summer slowly switches to autumn, those sunnies might not glued to your face like always. No sweat; an intelligent solution in the form of eye rejuvenation means no more desperately hiding tired eyes. Hello, holiday without the plane ticket. That’s coming soon, though; we’re sure of it. 



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