Eye Concerns: It’s All About The Eyes Whether Saggy Or Hooded

Eye Concerns Its All About The Eyes Whether Saggy Or Hooded

The eye area is a common cause for concern for young and old alike. But two eye concerns stand out above all others. Many people struggle with hooded eyes and/or eye-bags, so just what can be done to treat these areas. What exactly are the causes of these conditions?


Two most common eye concerns

Hooded Eyes

A hooded eye is often caused by sagging skin on the forehead means that treatments to the brow or forehead can be very effective in raising the eyelid by between 1 to 3 mm non-surgically. Treatments used to achieve these results are Titan, Laser Genesis and Carboxytherapy.


A chemical brow lift using injectable wrinkle reducers can also improve the hooded appearance. Sagging and puffy eyelids can dampen an otherwise youthful appearance, and correcting them can make one look rested and refreshed.



The lower eyelids are one of the first areas to show evidence of age-related changes. These changes are brought about by gravity, stress, stretching of the skin, as ageing progresses we see the development of crow’s feet, excess skin around the eyes, dark circles and prominent under eye bags.


What are the best solutions?

Previously there was no alternative to surgical eye lifts or blepharoplasties. The choices were limited and fairly black or white; surgery or eye bags. Now with the evolution and development of treatments such as Dermal fillers, Carboxytherapy and Mesotherapy, virtually any patient in their thirties or above qualifies for consideration of a little tightening and firming around the eye area.


With technology continuously providing new and better solutions there is no longer a need to just give up and sit back, the earlier you start with treatment the better your results.


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