Erasing Crow’s Feet: Time To Twinkle, Not Wrinkle

Erasing Crow's Feet: Time To Twinkle, Not Wrinkle

What’s the one thing narrow 90s-inspired sunglasses really aren’t great for? They may edge up your look, but they sure don’t help hide those crow’s feet. Lateral canthal lines are laugh lines or crow’s feet; call them what you will, but those fine lines and wrinkles that run from the outer corners of your eyes towards your temples are among the most common signs of ageing. Feel they’re starting to overtake your eye area? It’s time to bring back that gorgeous twinkle again! And for that, dermal volumiser gives precision wrinkle smoothing where you need it most. 


The Art of Erasing Crow’s Feet: How Dermal Volumisers Get The Job Done

Injectables are a popular way to treat crow’s feet. But before you Google “Neurotoxins,” consider a pinch of a different type. Especially if the challenge is crepey skin with fine lines. Plus, dermal volumiser can be teamed cleverly with other treatments like laser and carboxytherapy to boost results. But back to the basics: why choose a dermal volumiser-type of injectable? 


It’s all about filling the line with hyaluronic acid, so it’s smoothed out, and the skin surrounding it looks more youthful. Translation? A more natural look allows you to keep smiling (or frowning) while reaping the anti-ageing rewards of a rejuvenating injectable. There’s also a technique for how your expert medical aesthetic doctor will place that dermal volumiser. Ask your healthcare practitioner if they use MD Codes. 


This is the strategic way the treatment is injected so the area worked on regains the structure it needs for the most beautiful results. Remember, it’s all in the precision placement. 


Twinkle On: More Ways to Refresh the Eyes with Liquid Injectables 

Think of the eyes as a zone that (rather depro news coming up) ages you quickly. Your eye area doesn’t mean to give your birthday away on purpose; it’s just that the skin around your peepers is thin and delicate. This results in a few more problems than you may have expected. 


Take under eye dark circles. These shadows may have yet to get the message even if you aren’t exhausted. But it’s all because of the skin (and, yes, your genes) in this facial zone. Concealer is a very temporary measure of sweeping the problem away. Dermal volumisers mean treating that tell-tale hollow area and your skin’s elasticity, boosting fragile skin with much-needed hyaluronic acid. Awake now?


Here’s another way dermal volumisers can rev up the look of your eyes: a beautiful brow lift. A sagging brow is a common issue thanks to loss of collagen and elastin. You lose those essential structural proteins, and your face hits back with a not-so-great grumpy look. No matter, just get your liquid injectable treatment on. Dermal volumisers can restore volume to the hollow in the temple and the tail of the brow. This technique means your brows are helped to lift. And there are other injectables you can add in, too, so a doctor’s consult about this type of therapy is the way to achieve your desired goals in one strike! 


Ready to put those giant, oversized Jackie O sunglasses in the drawer? Your eyes are gorgeous, and there’s no reason to hide them – unless for sun protection. Then, we totally get it. Enjoy what Mother Nature gave you and enhance or treat with targeted dermal volumiser. Get ready to be amazed. 



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