Double chin, turkey neck, waddle, jowls call it what you will!

Double chin turkey neck waddle jowls call it what you will

Yes, you can lose that double chin

Nobody wants a double chin or jowls but, as our skin loses its firmness over time, it’s definitely a possibility. Still, the idea that either of these, particularly a double chin, is something that only comes with age is a myth. Both men and women can develop a double chin in their youth. But, the good news is that nobody has to keep it.

What causes a double chin?

In younger people, a double chin or neck waddle (a little pouch of skin that sits just below your chin) is often caused by extra fat, not loose skin. Often, this has nothing to do with how much you weigh. The patients that aren’t overweight yet still develop a fat deposit around their chin or under their neck. In fact, they usually have a genetic disposition towards it.

Something else that can create a waddle or give your neck a sagging appearance is a loose platysma muscle. This is a specific sheet-like muscle in your neck. Usually, this weakens as we age but in some people, this happens in their youth. Again, this is thanks to genetics, but it can be corrected with a surgical neck lift.

Knowing the cause of what you’d like to change about your neck or jaw is important because it affects how to best treat it.

Tighten up!

At Skin Renewal, we have several in-office treatments that can tighten up loose skin. Many of these treatments are able to get rid of fatty deposits too. These include lasers like Titan and radiofrequency devices like Exilis Elite and VelaShape as well as injectable treatments like carboxytherapy and lipodissolve.


A true laser treatment, Titan uses infrared light to instantly tighten skin by immediately shrinking its elastin fibres, but there’s a long-term benefit too as it also stimulates the production of collagen. This means you’ll see an improve the moment you leave the office as well as over time.

Ideally, you’d need about three treatments spaced a month apart.

Exilis Elite

Exilis Elite is a radiofrequency (RF) device that also makes use of ultrasonic energy. Much like Titan, you get instant tightening and long-term tightening via the (RF) element that also shrinks elastin while stimulating collagen. As far as the ultrasonic aspect goes, that can be used to break down fat.

Best results are seen after 4 to 8 treatments spaced a month apart.


Much like Exilis Elite, VelaShape also uses radiotherapy frequencies but in a way that reduces the size of fat cells. It also emits infra-red light that encourages the production of collagen while improving lymph drainage.

On the face, six to eight treatments every two to four weeks should make a visible difference which you can maintain with a treatment once a month.

The great things about Titan, Exilis Elite and VelaShape is that they’re suitable for all skin types, regardless of colour, don’t require any anaesthetic and have no downtime. You could literally have any treatment during your lunch break and go straight back to work.

Let’s inject!

When people hear the word ‘injectable’, they immediately think of Botox or fill but there’s a whole word of helpful needle therapies that can firm up the skin, target fat or do both and just two of them are carboxytherapy and lipodissolve.


Carboxytherapy involves injecting small amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) just below the surface of the skin. It can help stimulate the growth of new collagen while breaking down fatty deposits which makes it a good possible solution to targeting a fatty deposit under the chin. (For the record, carboxytherapy is a real multi-tasker. It can also help treat wrinkles, stretch marks, and more!)

It’s not completely painless so it’s performed after the application of a topical anaesthetic. You might experience a little bruising but there’s no real downtime. For best results, you’d need between eight and ten treatments.


If you’ve got a stubborn fatty area and aren’t concerned with tightening then lipodissolve is a possible option. Treatment involves injecting the area with a fluid that contains lecithin, a naturally occurring fat, that ironically, has the ability to dissolve the fat cell wall so its contents can drain and be metabolised in the same way you’d burn fat naturally.

Afterwards, you can expect mild swelling and bruising that lasts around three to five days. You’ll see results within three or four treatments but, for best results, usually four to eight treatments are recommended two weeks apart.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, if you’re unhappy with your chin, neck or jowls, you have lots of treatment options so it’s best to chat to one of our doctors as Skin Renewal who can suggest what would suit you best or even a combination of several. A tighter looking neck can be yours for the taking!


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  1. Hilary Walker

    I would like an appointment re my neck and Jowls! Possibly at your Illovo Branch at Thrupps centre.
    I also found your article on oestrogen control very interesting.

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Hilary

      Great I will pass along your email and info to Izak who can assist you with an appointment, prices and info.

      Regards Heather


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