Skin Creasing: Why Carboxytherapy Should Be On Your Radar

Skin Creasing: Why Carboxytherapy Should Be On Your Radar

Are naso labial folds a thing for your skin? This skin creasing spans from the sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth, and mean a breakdown of collagen from sun damage or habits like smoking. But they’re also a sign that the lower part of your face is, shock horror, revealing your age. Zones like the lower jaw and neck may also be creasing. The neck moves constantly, and this stretching actually ages it. Is it time to find the perfect treatment partner to rejuvenate these areas? Carboxytherapy is about to seriously impress you.


Skin Creasing from Naso labial Folds: How Carboxytherapy Works

You’re totally forgiven if you’ve never heard of naso labial folds before. Perhaps you’ve never seen them or didn’t know what you were looking at. However, the lines starting to make a more noticeable crease from the base of your nose to the corners of your mouth are them. There are many ways you can deal with them. Injectables like dermal volumisers are one way to lift the skin and smooth out the creases. But there’s also Carboxytherapy, and why it does such good things for this condition is because you can really zone in on the lower face as a region for rejuvenation. While your naso labial folds get the beautiful benefits of stimulated blood circulation and a boost in collagen production, your skin’s lost volume is ultimately restored. This happens through controlled injections of medical-grade carbon dioxide gas beneath the skin’s surface.


On Your Treatment Radar: Carboxytherapy, AKA The Miracle Gas

Those who’ve had it no doubt sing carboxytherapy’s praises due to its innovation. Sure, it works on skin wrinkling and collagen stimulation (that’s why it’s a go-to for naso labial folds), but it can also target other skin issues and areas effectively. In fact, you’d be surprised by the number of conditions it can treat. Staying with what lies below your nose, if your neck has aged and you are reaching for every polo-neck in your collection, this may be your solution. That crepe-like skin texture is a loss of skin elasticity, and it’s a tough one to treat.


Collagen stimulation helps to de-age the neck, and this is a big reward of Carboxy Therapy. It’s the same with jowls – the area on the lower jawline. To tighten and remodel collagen, this part of your jaw needs the burst of fresh collagen that Carboxytherapy can happily fuel. And, if it’s a double chin that worries you, again, Carboxytherapy is your ticket – not only for skin tightening but fat reduction too.


Smooth Skin Takes Planning

Love a hard-working treatment? Us too! Especially if your approach to anti-ageing isn’t rejuvenating areas in isolation. Clever you! Yes, we all have particular conditions that need to be improved or worked on; however, modern aesthetic medicine means diving in and making the most out of multi-benefit innovation. Here’s to smooth skin ahead!


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