Brow lift? Now there is a non-surgical solution for a quick fix

Brow lift? Now there is a non-surgical solution for a quick fix

As we get older, we experience a loss of collagen that causes our skin to droop. Also, our eyebrows might begin to lose their arch and sink closer towards our eyes. This can create a stern or sad appearance when our faces are at rest, regardless of what we’re feeling.

Happily, there are lots of things you can do it about it and nope – we’re not talking about going under the knife. A surgical brow lift is a very invasive expensive procedure that involves many risks. Also, if your surgeon lifts your brows too high, you can end up looking permanently startled. With a non-surgical brow lift, however, there are no nasty surprises.

A liquid lift

One of the quickest and easiest ways to lift brows without a scalpel is via strategically placed muscle-relaxing injections. A real in-and-out treatment, your doctor will simply inject a little botulinum toxin into your forehead. By targeting the muscle responsible for pulling your brows down, those that lift it get to do their work unhindered. The result is a lovely eyebrow lift that can last up to five months. It can also be “topped-up” at any time to keep the effect.

Interestingly, dermal volumiser can also be used to help create a lift. By injecting it just beneath the brow, it can create a little “shelf” to help keep them in place. Another way injectables can help improve your brow area is via carboxytherapy. It involves injecting CO2 gas directly underneath the skin to improve your circulation. This creates new capillaries that can nourish the area with what it needs to create new collagen and rejuvenate.

Clever threads for a brow lift

Another quick and immediate way to lift the brows is with a thread lift. It involves inserting tiny dissolvable threads just under the skin in your forehead to physically pull up the skin. Each thread is made from surgical-grade polydioxanone (PDO), a completely biocompatible material that surgeons have been using safely for years. A thread lift, however, is a non-surgical procedure. Your doctor will insert them using a small needle so there’s virtually no risk of scarring of severe bruising.

As the threads gradually dissolve over time, your newly lifted look will last between 6 and 12 months, depending on how fast your body absorbs the threads. Still, there is another benefit. Wherever the threads are placed, they’ll stimulate your skin to create new collagen in that area so, while the major lift will fade, you’re not likely to end up where you started. Also, you can always repeat the treatment to maintain the look.  

Tighten up!

If you’re wanting to tighten up loose skin there are many laser, light and radiofrequency devices to help you do it. Just a few include an Nd: YAG laser, Titan, Exilis, Titania and Lavatron. They all direct energy deep into your skin in a way that can either tighten up existing collagen; encourage new collagen or do both. While you might notice an immediate effect after just one treatment, it’ll be very subtle. To get the full effect, you’ll need to embark on a series of treatments. This will depend on which device you’re using as well as the condition of your skin. The great thing about all of these treatments is that there’s absolutely no downtime. You could easily have one on your lunch break and go back to work with nobody being the wiser as to where you’d been.

These type of treatments can create a tauter-looking brow on their own. However, if you’re wanting to do some “heavy lifting”, you might get the best results with a mix of treatments. Think “Titan and threads” or “A liquid brow lift enhanced by Exilis”. Either way, if you’re in the hands of an experienced doctor, they’ll be able to assess your skin’s condition and suggest the best path. This way, a more rested and younger-looking brow can be yours to enjoy – without having to go near a knife!
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