Brow Lift: How to create “brow wow” the non-surgical way

Brow Lift: How to create "brow wow" the non-surgical way

Why the brow lift? Every generation can be defined by its brow trends. In the 60s the ultra-thin, rounded eyebrow shape was the look to crave. In the 80s, the bushy brow reigned supreme? Now, we’re all about full, perfectly arched “Kardashian-style” brows. So much so that many aren’t afraid to sit under a tattoo gun to get them! While the odds are high this brow shape will eventually go out of style, women will always want a smooth, youthful-looking forehead.

Let’s talk lines and the brow lift 

When we’re young, our skin has an abundance of collagen and elastin, the proteins that give it it’s youthful elasticity. As we get older, however, our fibroblasts (essentially the collagen factory’s in our skin) tend to slow down. As a result, our natural supply diminishes, our skin loses its ability to “snap back” and things eventually start to sag, including our brows. It’s also likely to get wrinkle and for this, we can thank our forehead muscles. When these contract, be it due to frowning or performing any kind of expression, a wrinkle forms in the skin. When we’re younger, this wrinkle is visible only while we’re expressing ourselves. But when we’re older, our skin is thinner and less elastic. So that line that was once temporary, becomes permanently etched on our forehead.

While using collagen-encouraging skincare such as medical-grade retinol serums can help up bump up our natural collagen supply, it’s not enough to tackle these type of wrinkles. Happily, this is where botulinum toxin can come in. It’s still the best solution to address wrinkles in the upper half of the face, be it on the forehead or around the eyes. It works by inhibiting the movement of the muscle that causes the wrinkle. When it’s relaxed, it can’t form the crease – thereby preventing it from worsening or smoothing out what exists. In short, it’s absolutely genius!

But what about a lift?

Okay, so we know how to handle forehead lines. But what can you do to fix a drooping forehead? Or eyebrows that are starting to sit a little lower than they used to? As it turns out, a lot!

There once was a time when, if you wanted a brow lift, you had no choice but to go under the knife. Now, however, there is a myriad of non-surgical options at your disposal. Also, many of them can be performed in combination with each other to enhance their effects. (This is why it’s a good idea to consult a highly-skilled aesthetic doctor who can suggest the create treatment path as opposed to get Googling then picking one you suspect might do the job!)

Your treatment options may include a chemical brow lift using botulinum toxin (yep, with the right placement, it can lift as well as smooth) or the use of threads. The latter involves the strategic insertion of medical-grade dissolvable sutures just under the skin. This can create an instant lift. Then, while the sutures dissolve over time, their insertion encourages the creation of vectors of collagen. This will continue to provide a more lifted look months after the threads are gone.

Don’t forget about devices!

Another way to both lift and smooth your brow is via a skin-tightening treatment. These include lasers like Titan and radiofrequency devices such as Exilis Elite. Both devices emit energy that stimulates the creation of new collagen over time while causing what exists to contract. The result is skin that is instantly more taught and gets even more so over time.

The results you’ll get from either device won’t be as dramatic as the lifting you might achieve with threads or even botulinum toxin. However, in combination, they can be so transformative you might never wish to endure a traditional brow lift!

So, have you been thinking it might be time to give your brow a little makeover? One that could instantly make you look more youthful, relaxed and even more approachable? Get in touch with a world-class aesthetic clinic to find out which non-surgical solutions could give you the “brow wow” you’re looking for!


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