Beauty Routine – 5 Basic Tips To Help You Boost Your Results

Beauty Routine - 5 Tips To Help You Boost Your Results

Beauty routines can be dependant on more than just the products your slap on your face. In fact, they should include your lifestyle and your make up too. Many internal and external influences play a role in how well your skin behaves too.

Here are a few ways in which you can improve your beauty routine and boost the results you are already seeing.


Beauty routine basics

Use a creamy concealer

Your everyday office make-up is about looking groomed and professional. For a quick touch-up on the go, carry a creamy concealer to touch up the nose or under eyes. If needed try a stick foundation or compact to apply in areas where the skin is red or uneven. Apply blush to brighten the face and a little highlighter to give it a glow. Then layer the lips with lipgloss for a pop of colour and shine.

Use the right skincare formula

There are many factors that can affect how the skin looks and feels, including work environment, seasonal changes and temperatures, stress, and travel. So it’s important to understand that the condition of your skin will change and that you need to choose the right products based on its needs at the time. Plus, using the right skincare formula also affects how smooth and evenly your makeup is applied and lasts. Are you not sure what to uses on your skin? Here is a previous article on skincare basics. Alternatively, consult a professional skin care therapist, or even try our free online skin analysis.

Diet and exercise

Being healthy is about incorporating a well-balanced lifestyle, this should include diet and exercise. It’s really about finding balance, something that is healthy, that you are comfortable with and that you can stick to in the long-term. Exercise regularly and you will feel how your body becomes accustomed to the endorphins, whether it’s biking, yoga or just a quick walk around the block in the middle of a busy day. Eat at regular intervals and as healthily as possible, with lots of vegetables, lean proteins, healthy carbs, a lot of water, and the occasional glass of red wine and dark chocolate. Whatever you do, avoid being overweight and the increasing threat of diabetes 2.


A beauty routine’s best friend

Love Yourself

All women are beautiful, but sadly many of us give in to peer pressure and society and end up feeling “not good enough”. Beauty is something that comes from within, it blossoms and radiates from the inside out. It’s about believing in yourself, having self-confidence and playing up the qualities that make you unique. It’s time to embrace society’s turn towards real and natural beauty. Women are learning to express themselves using make-up, especially thanks to the likes of YouTube tutorials. They’re not interested in a one-size-fits-all look, but rather want a look that’s uniquely theirs.


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