Ageing Eyes – All You Need To Know Including Prevention

All You Need To Know About Eyes And Ageing

Ageing eyes are part of life, but there are a few things you can do? Because the skin around our eyes tends to be exceptionally thin and crepey, as we age it only becomes more fragile and prone to allergic reactions. It is therefore important to take extreme care when choosing eye care products and treatments for this delicate and often sensitive area.


Fine lines, dark shadows, and crow’s-feet generally settle in around your early- mid 20s. Sadly, these only worsen as we age if left unattended. Resulting in a loss of the vital volume which once left us looking fresh and youthful.


Ageing eyes and products

As a result we highly recommend you take the following into consideration when choosing eye care products, and treatments:

Fragrances – These are often the cause of allergies

Colours – Again these are often the cause of allergies

Texture & Weight – You need to find an effective cosmeceutical product that suit your age. Take care to chose products to suit your eye areas requirements and your personal texture preference

Packaging – Air tight pump dispensers are ideal as these keep your product sterile and prevent bacterial invasion


Ageing eyes and the physical influences

Dark Circles

The appearance of the shadows under the eyes have many contributing factors:

– Veins in the lower eye area appear more prominent

– padding over the orbital bone is reduced and the lower eyelid skin lies pressed on the orbital bone giving the appearance of dark circles

– lack of sleep, nasal congestion, chronic sinusitis, allergies, hormonal changes or certain drugs.

Treatment options are:

Carboxy Therapy, Dermal Fillers and the Dermapen


Under eyebags

While the lower eyelids are one of the first areas of the face to show age-related changes. The visible changes are often related to gravity. Due to this, they gradually become more pronounced and signs of facial ageing are evident. Common indicators are the development of crow’s feet, excess skin around the eyes, dark circles and the development of prominent under eye bags.

Treatment options are:

Dermal fillers, Carboxytherapy and Mesotherapy are effective and suitable for anyone from their mid twenties.


Loss of volume

Ageing is a complex process involving tissue atrophy and bone resorption, physical signs of ageing which are often aggravated by the loss collagen. As a result the skin lacks of structural support. Most people can see that they are looking older. However, they do not recognise that the loss of volume is the reason that their face is beginning to “sink” and “sag”.

Treatment options are:

Dermal fillers and the ‘Liquid Facelift’ are ideal.

In conclusion, it is therefore vital to make eye care and maintenance an integral part of your skin care regime. Treatment from as early an age as possible will maintain skin elasticity, plumpness and a youthful looking eye area.


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  2. Marthie Engelbrecht

    Where are you situated
    What’s the annual costs

  3. Marthie Engelbrecht

    Where are you situated?
    What’s your cost?

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Marthie

      We have 16 branches. I will get one of our online team to assist you with more info and prices.


  4. Nana Kgabo

    I have
    dark shadows under my eyes
    My neck is starting to loose its elastic
    Wrinkles at the sized of eyes

    • admin

      Hi Nana
      Thank you for dropping by. I would suggest that you book a consultation at any of our branches. Our doctors can then assess your concerns and advise which treatments would be best suited to both you and your budget. Here is a link with the information on all of our branches.

      Regards Heather

    • admin

      Hi Nana

      Our friends over at Skin Renewal are able to assist you with all of these concerns. You can find them over here



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