Aesthetic Solutions: Surprising uses of modern injectables you never knew!

Aesthetic Solutions: Surprising uses of modern injectables you never knew!

Love your dermal volumisers and neurotoxins, they are great aesthetic solutions? They’re even the answer for beautifully plump and smooth skin, they provide loads of solutions. However surprising uses of injectables are known to fix and repair skin issues too. They can really help turn around a condition that makes you blush!

Chew on These Aesthetic Solutions

The reported link between tension and grinding teeth is enough to stress you out! Same with jaw clenching. And most of the time you won’t be aware you’re even doing it. An injectable treatment that helps to relax the jaw muscles can weaken the biteforce. This means those nasty side effects from grinding and clenching can be really be helped! A headache or migraine sufferer? This one’s for you.

Knee Deep

Your face may look 25, but your knees may tell a different story. Crepe-like skin that’s loose is a sure sign of age. Clever injectables give way to tighter skin with better texture. For this, look no further than a bio-remodelling injectable treatment with Hyaluronic Acid. This surprising use of injectable helps firm up and refine skin where it’s needed. Apart from knees, it can be used on hands, arms and décolletage too. A new category of injectables, bio-remodelling means many areas can be dealt with in one go! Sound like a good plan?

Ear Me Out

If your statement earrings have been weighing down your earlobes, slack skin can be gone. And in a shot! Dermal volumisers injected around the lobe (or piercing hole) can quickly fresh it’s look. And why this is particular treatment gaining traction? Stretched lobes aren’t only a dead giveaway of age but are also at risk of ripping. Scary thought! Speak to your Skin Renewal aesthetic medical doctor for expert advice. They’ll guide you on strategic placement of HA filler treatments ensuring your lobes look perfect.

Foot Loose

Another surprising use of injectables may not be the easiest to talk about: sweaty feet. But shoes make our soles perspire, and some feet sweat more than others. And that’s ok! Very often it’s simply thanks to our DNA. But there’s an injectable for that. Neurotoxins injectables work by blocking what’s happening. In other words, the action of nerves supplying sweat glands. And zapping the actual glands from making the sweat. So, if you’re naturally over-perspiring, neurotoxins injectables means relief for not just the obvious areas. 

Feeling inspired to get those worrisome issues sorted? Look no further than injectables for a treatment plan that covers head to toe. Remember the Skin Renewal team are always available to chat through non-invasive procedures in more detail. We’re as ready as you are!


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