Aesthetic Medicine: The Anatomy Of How It Treats You Holistically

Aesthetic Medicine: The Anatomy Of How It Treats You Holistically

Ah, 2022. We’ve been through a lot to get here: just coping with the load shedding schedule means you’re up for a challenge! These times of stress, uncertainty and imbalance affect your body and how it looks and feels. Health is a holistic concept: the trigger to what’s undoing your skin’s strength or your mind’s sharpness lies in what’s going on inside. Fortunately, modern aesthetic medicine takes a broad approach. And, the test in knowing your healthcare professional understands how to sort out the specifics means treating you from the inside out. With therapies getting more innovative – and simply a lot more to choose from – think of your anatomy when putting together a treatment plan. 

Aesthetic Medicine: Getting You Healthy Within

It’s easy to get swept away in the hope of a promise. And who doesn’t want to be told they’ll look ten years younger overnight? But expert medical aesthetic doctors journey with you. While you may be desperate for a one-shot solution, they know how to build your skin, so it’s in its best condition. 

And that means the best results. In other words, skin that looks youthful and healthy is actually those things too. It’s like being that mother, constantly reminding kids to eat their broccoli and never letting them in the sun without SPF. Treatments are excellent, but they work harder if your skin is properly nourished and protected. And what expert health practitioner will treat with chemical peels but not prescribe the right sunscreen and supplements, right? 

Anatomy of a Treatment: Hitting That Sweet Spot

No one can feel amazing in the skin they’re in but you. And that’s a matter of confidence. Importantly, confidence in the treatment you’ve chosen will get you sorted. Whether dealing with melasma or looking for a way to combat cellulite, finding your treatment match shouldn’t stress you. The best clinic should know all the ins and outs of your condition. Is your skin prone to post hyperinflammatory pigmentation, for example? What meds have you been on for your acne? What’s your history of skin problems like eczema or rosacea?

Your personal skin story means the difference between a treatment that works hard for you versus one that misses its target. And getting that treatment – or cleverly combined treatments – to hit the sweet spot means feeling better and looking great. Ask questions, think things over and feel happy with your treatment provider. The anatomy of a fantastic treatment does mean some homework. But your skin will thank you! 

The Insider’s Guide: It’s the Treatment Study You’ve Been Waiting For

In the next few weeks, we’re unpacking a glow-getters guide to just how the best innovative aesthetic medical treatments work. Most importantly, the options will give you those beautiful results you crave. Need to make a decision, decisions? From medical facials to body contouring, our series will take you through the latest tech and targeted therapies to help you know more (and glow more). So, here’s to your aesthetic upskilling adventure. Ready to boost your brain on skin needlinglaser and more? 

It’s all coming here soon. Onwards and upwards! 


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