Focus: Are Yous Struggling To Sit Still And Focus During The Day!

Sit Still And Focus

ADD/ADHD or Attention Deficit Disorder is not just limited to children but is often diagnosed in adults. It has a variety of frustrating symptoms which can obstruct everything from your relationships down to your career. Struggling focus can be very real!


How do you know if you are struggling to focus? Consider the following symptoms:

– You are constantly late

– Coming across as disorganised, forgetful

– Being overwhelmed by your responsibilities


If diagnosed with ADD in childhood often some of the symptoms will follow you into adulthood. However, it is important to note that you can develop ADD/ADHD in adulthood alone.


What can result in the onset of ADD/ADHD and disturb focus?

The diagnosis of adult-onset ADD has been linked to genetics. Other contributors are exposure to stress during pregnancy and/or childhood, early social interactions, leaky gut and even environmental toxins.


Cognitive disorders can now be treated using the latest technology in neuro-response through a unique Brain Mapping technique. The Brain Map measures the brains response in targeted areas linked to ADD/ADHD. It can give a clear and detailed indication of areas of concern.


By using an FDA approved device that monitors brain waves, it can assist doctors in diagnosing ADHD in children and adults. This is a non-invasive brain mapping test that takes 15-20 min. It makes use of sensors on the scalp of the person to monitor their brainwaves. This is effective because ADHD patients have a higher theta/beta brainwave which can only be detected by this test.


In closing

The good news is there are now cutting edge technologies that can assist in potentially restoring brain functioning through brain training. The brain’s functioning is measured through studying the neurotransmitters and treatment is tailored to suit each unique individual. However, you can’t force focus, but you can create an ideal environment. The key is to work with the ADD/ADHD brain and not against it. By following these simple tips you can hopefully restore focus and flourish both at home and at work once again.



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