Guys and Hormones: How Hormonal Health Affects Your Skin and Body

Guys and Hormones: How Hormonal Health Affects Your Skin and Body

Your son just clapped back that the pimple on your chin is bigger than his. Seriously? And why is acne hitting just when you thought it was a skin problem only for teens? Unfortunately, breakouts are one of the many common skin problems for men. The culprit? It’s very often a hormonal thing. Hormonal health is real! So the next time you hear a man joke about a women’s hormones, well, you know what to do. It ain’t no laughing matter. 


Hormonal Health: What’s Happening to Your Skin (and Body)?

So that testosterone is pumping, and it’s messing with your skin. For men, when hormones are out of balance, the skin responds by producing too much oil (sebum). This means clogged pores and bacteria growth. The result? Inflammation which you see in the mirror as a pimple. For many guys, the urge to get rid of that unsightly spot immediately is just too tempting. Come on; be honest… Who hasn’t performed a minor bathroom surgery?


But squeezing, picking or scratching pimples is known to lead to more inflammation and acne scarring. However, your handsome face may not be where your hormones are wreaking their havoc; for some men, it’s the body that takes the hit. Those abs not looking as tight as they did on your honeymoon? Sure, work’s been crazy, and you’ve traded park runs for poker nights, but perhaps it’s time to get your hormones checked out. Conditions like oestrogen dominance could mean excess abdominal fat, putting you at risk for hormone-sensitive cancers. 


Beyond Grooming: Treatments to Get You Back on the Road to Amazing Health

If you’re battling with hormonal imbalance, aesthetic medical treatment goes way beyond simply looking better. This is about shoring up your health – and even helping with disease prevention. Think of getting your skin and body into shape as getting yourself well again. That process starts with diagnosing the root cause of your issue. Blood diagnostic analysis means understanding imbalances in your hormone, vitamin, mineral and nutraceutical levels.


Once you’re armed with that knowledge, you’ll know how to get better from the inside out with support from smart supplements like Andro Plus. This blend of active nutrients and minerals works by encouraging healthy amounts of testosterone in men and women. As for what you see on your skin, seeking treatment for active acne is often the difference between scarring and not. But if you need to treat existing scars, modern treatment tech means fading those bad boys so your skin looks better than ever.


Hello Handsome! Say Cheers to Those Spots of Bother

Whether it’s breakouts, acne scarring, issues like ingrowns (razor bumps), or skin tags that leave you seeing red, clever (and often multi-purpose) treatments save the day. Heard of multi-tasking laser treatments like Nd: YAG? With this long-pulsed laser, both skin tags and ingrown hairs can be destroyed. Sound efficient? Then you’ll also appreciate the hard-working powers of an Azelaic Peel. This anti-inflammatory peel can be used on the face and body (for areas like the back and chest) and is safe for all skin tones and types, including sensitive skins. 


Another player for the skin is the male hormone testosterone.

Ever wondered why men’s skin ages differently? Testosterone is the key! This powerful hormone influences muscle mass and impacts skin health. Higher testosterone levels help men maintain thicker, oilier skin, delaying wrinkles. However, as testosterone levels drop with age, skin can become thinner and more prone to sagging and wrinkles.


As you take stock of all life throws at you, it’s no wonder your skin and body need some conditioning occasionally. However, if it’s a hormonal thing, then think of treatments as so much more than just a refresh. Whether it’s carboxytherapy for tummy rolls or Endymed FSR for acne scarring, know that looking great is all part of feeling amazing. Here’s to you! 



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