DNA and Your Skin: What’s Dad Got to Do With It? A Lot, Actually!

DNA and Your Skin: What's Dad Got to Do With It? A Lot, Actually!

Next time you sunscreen up your son – or yourself – think about that skin you’re smearing with SPF. It’s not just a colour, tone and texture. Sure, it’d be great if it was all that simple. But those freckles on your face from childhood are down to your genes and DNA. So – unfortunately – are some skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. In other words, if you understand more about the skin you’ve inherited from Pops, you may be able to treat yours better. Ready for a game plan? Whether starting your skin journey or wanting super-serious anti-ageing treatment, there’s a heavy-hitting solution for every guy. 

Understanding DNA and Skin: Where It All Begins

While it’s known that signs of ageing are generally all thanks to Mom’s genes, you and her may look alike, but the make-up of your skin is different. Dad’s DNA also speaks to what will happen to your skin long-term. Of course, if your Old Man fished all weekend without a lick of sunscreen (and had a few too many cigarettes), his choices made a lot of difference. But men’s skins contrast with women’s, and understanding the basics helps massively. Guy’s skin is about 20 percent thicker. This means it’s got more collagen and so is tighter and firmer. And before you think, “score!” know that its tougher texture brings with it a collagen decrease at a younger age. In other words, the lads say bye-bye to the much-needed anti-ageing collagen while they are still in their youth, and it’s a constant thing. Ladies don’t lose it as young but instead see a sharp drop from menopause. So basically, men get “older” younger. 

Skincare for Men: What’s Dad Got to Do With It?

Here’s where you and your Papa may differ. While you’ve got a good routine, Dad refuses even the most basic face cleansers. However, look to issues that plagued him at a similar age. Pore problems? Higher levels of oil? Irritated skin? These annoyances mean lessons you can overcome with hotshot products. So what if the Big Guy didn’t spend hours teaching you about the wonders of masking – we bet Sunday night soccer practice was where the real fun was! Back to those pores. Men have more pores than women meaning they can tend to look bigger. And because of the number of oil glands in a guy’s skin, they can become congested. So that mask, to clean and tighten pores, is one to add to your shopping cart. 

Treatment Time: What Age and What Stage?

Whenever you see the need is the answer to that question! A well-chosen treatment to turn around the condition of your skin around means a health boost for your body’s largest organ. Think of it as looking good and a necessary well-being fix. And this is where an expert medical aesthetic doctor can help. Modern treatment solutions mean serious business if you’re sick and tired of breakouts or want to look a little more, er, fresh-faced. A medical peel is a great starter therapy; think of removing dead surface skin (unnecessary for your skin), looking less tired and showing off a baby-smooth skin below. Start with a Beta Hydroxy Peel, especially if you need help unclogging pores. Step things up with a TCA Chemical Peel, the ticket for levelling out acne scars and dealing with sun damage and even age spots

There’s something very likeable about innovative yet straightforward skincare. Who doesn’t want to look great as they get older despite their DNA? Think of how easy it is to add just a few great skin care finds to your morning and evening routine. Your Dad – no doubt a legend – probably would of. And here’s the great thing, he still can! Maybe you’ll never get him to mask with you but ditching the soap for a decent face wash is still within reach. 


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