Why Winter Health Is Not Just a Diet Thing

Why Winter Health Is Not Just a Diet Thing

Winter health, get the action plan going! The joys of winter often collide with hearty meals and red wine. An extra helping of sticky toffee pudding? Well, baby, it’s cold outside. And while there is nothing wrong with treats – and not just in winter – thinking about nutrition as more than a strict diet means shoring up your health for the season ahead. So, what is it that a considered eating plan can help you achieve overall? From calming stress to boosting immunity – and yes, weight management – a sensible nutrient-dense attitude to food is your body’s best supporter. Here are some great treatments (and a solid eating plan) to get you on your way to wellbeing. 


Winter Health and Clean Eating: Meet the RID Diet

You’re forgiven if you shudder whenever you hear the word diet. It’s known to have a bad rep. And since it’s the season of Netflix, popcorn and fireside weekends, do you really want to be reporting to a punishing program taped to your fridge? No way! The RID diet is a way to eat well – both mindfully and healthily – without feeling deprived. The program teams up cutting-edge weight and fat loss solutions with the latest medical innovation and expert skills.


A big part of the journey is a low GL eating plan with varied menus – food is about flavours, texture and interest, after all. In other words, it’s been designed to satisfy and fill you up with the goal of making healthy food appealing. And it’s a holistic program; together with delicious eating, all aspects of your health are overseen by professional medical experts. Lifestyle coaching helps you get to the bottom of common ways we quickly pick up weight and issues like gut health, sleep routines, and hormonal imbalances such as oestrogen dominance. 


Good-For-You-Food and Other Ways to Get Well This Winter

Yes! You are what you eat. And if you find it challenging to munch on everything you should to a nutritional superhero, look to supplementation to fill in the gaps. Vitamins for your health seem like a basic concept but think of those sayings that never get old. “An Apple a Day” is pretty much just great advice. And it’s backed by science. It’s been reported that snacking on just one apple (filled with Vitamins C and K) reduces the chance of diabetes by 28 percent. 


Your Winter Health Plan, Put It In Action

One way to get your daily dose is with a good quality Multivitamin and Mineral or add specific vitamins into your health routine. Vitamin C gives you both immune and antioxidant support. And Vitamin K2 helps lower inflammation in the body and boosts heart health. For the stressed amongst us (don’t all put your hands up), that’s a real supporting supplement. Another system cheerleader is IV Infusions. 


If you’re on a mission to clean up your eating and rev your immunity, they can be just what your body needs to turbocharge the process. Customised to your health needs, IV cocktails deliver vitamins and minerals for a dose of potent therapy. From the Chronic Stress Infusion Cocktail to the Anti Viral Infusion Cocktail, they really make your wellbeing game wonderfully in winter. Or any time, in fact! 


As you enjoy that hot chocolate after your school drop-off or your third cappuccino for the afternoon slump, think of how to fuel your body best this season. Winter is a great time to cocoon and care for yourself more. So do it well. Amazing things can happen come to Spring. 


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