Stress Supplements: 5 “chill pills” to help you beat stress

Stress Supplements 5 chill pills to help you beat stress

We don’t need to tell you that modern living is daunting. If you don’t have a good job, you’re worried about finding one. When you get it, you’re concerned about keeping it. If it’s a stressful one, even worse. Also, did you definitely turn the iron off when you left the house this morning? In short, we’re all stress bunnies who’re never going to achieve a “zero worry” status. But there are things we can do to help keep our anxieties in check. Enter stress supplements.


While everyone will have different coping mechanisms, certain nutraceuticals have been proven to have a positive effect on stress. If you’re not getting enough of them from your diet, taking a stress supplement might be the over-the-counter version of a yoga class.


5 stress supplements you need to invest in

Omega 3s

We all know omega-3s have amazing health benefits, particularly when it comes to protecting you from heart disease. However, recent research has shown a link between these good-for-you fatty acids and anxiety. One study found that people suffering from anxiety disorders typically have lower levels of omega-3s. While several others revealed that supplementation helped reduce the symptoms of clinical anxiety.


More research is required to fully understand the findings, but the fact that omega-3s are present in your brain membranes and can affect neurotransmitters while calming inflammation is thought to play a role.

Vitamin B

The B vitamin group has long been hailed as a stress buster and with good reason. They help maintain a healthy nervous system. By ensuring you get enough of them can stabilise your mood. Also, vitamin B6 and B12 play an active role in the creation of serotonin, the “happy” neurotransmitter.


Many studies have proven a link between vitamin B and stress including one performed at Swinburne University in Australia. It found that participants taking a vitamin B complex reported a 20-percent reduction in work-related stress in comparison to the group that was given a placebo.



Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is an amino acid that works as a neurotransmitter, attaching to GABA receptors that result in a calming effect. While it occurs naturally in your body, many people simply don’t make enough of it. Interestingly, studies have found that those who’s brains make the least GABA are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression and insomnia.


Several studies have shown that when given a GABA supplement, participants experienced reduced levels of stress while performing problem-solving tasks. This falls in line with the testimonials of athletes and students who say taking GABA helps improve their ability to focus.



If you struggle with anxiety, you might benefit greatly from L-theanine, an amino acid found in tea leaves. It’s been proven to promote a sense of calm and can reduce a resting heart rate, but without any drowsiness, so you could easily take it while on the clock.


Despite not making you tired, L-theanine could help you get a better night’s sleep. It promotes a more relaxed state that makes it easier to “let go” when your head hits the pillow. One study focused on young boys between the ages of 8 and 12 suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHA). Results found that those taking l-theanine (100mg twice a day) experienced longer, more restful sleep than those who took a placebo.



Magnesium plays such a vital role in the health of your brain, heart and muscles that you’d think your body would manufacture it, but it doesn’t. You need to get it from your diet and many people, particularly those who don’t eat enough leafy greens end up deficient.


If you’re more of a meat and potatoes person as opposed to one who reaches for the salad, you should consider taking a magnesium supplement. If you’re under a lot of stress, struggle to sleep or suffer from anxiety or depression you shouldn’t think twice. An increase in stress depletes your body of magnesium which is ironic considering research has found it assists brain functions. It also reduces stress and anxiety, making it a must in your stress supplements arsenal.


Because stress is not going anywhere, invest in stress supplements and help your body to cope.


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