Stress: No One Is Immune, & Lately We’ve Had More Than Enough

Stress: No One Is Immune, & Lately We've Had More Than Enough

But there’s no need to let stress get the best of you. Resilience can help you see stress in a more positive light and successfully navigate the inevitable challenges that come with life. Resilience is as much about being able to bounce back from difficulties as it is about coping with them in the first place. Perhaps even thriving despite them.

Thanks to “neuroplasticity”, we know that we can rewire our brains to respond differently to stressful situations. So we can learn new ways of skills and new ways of thinking and being that allow us to build resilience —and even use it as a tool for growth. 

Here’s how:

Manage your Mindset

 Resilient people cultivate an optimistic outlook on life and challenge themselves to see setbacks as opportunities. They identify what they can learn from each situation. You can build resilience by acknowledging negative thoughts and considering more positive alternatives. By reflecting on what you can learn from each challenging experience, and learning to value progress over perfection. 

Learn to Self-Regulate Stress 

Resilient people are good at managing their emotions and impulses, which means they’re less likely to let their feelings get the best of them when obstacles arrive. You can improve and learn to self-regulate more by noticing and naming your emotions, taking deep breaths when you’re stressed, or keeping a journal to help identify negative triggers and avoid them in the future. Self-regulation also means knowing when you need help and being able to seek support from others when needed. 

Adopt Healthy Habits In Times Of Stress

The importance of healthy habits can’t be overstated. Eating well, exercising regularly, and getting good sleep all play a key role in giving our body the resources it needs to respond well in times of stress. Every bit counts. Start by committing to one new healthy habit, and you’re guaranteed to start seeing the cumulative benefits in your health and happiness. 

Have Meaning

Resilient people have conviction and clarity in their contribution; because they align their actions to their deepest values and practice gratitude they remain focused on their positive progress. Cultivate more meaning by recognising your worth and value and noticing the small ways things are going well or progressing towards your goals.  

Cultivate Connection

Social engagement and connectedness help us share struggles and support others through theirs. Therefore you can leverage connectedness by building relationships with people who support and energise you, offering kindness to others and taking time to be kind to yourself. 

Honing your resilience skills will increase your ability to successfully navigate challenges, come out on top of stress and grow from setbacks. 

But don’t go trying to do it all and as a result get all stressed out in the process. Now that you know the science pick one area you’d like to work on. 

Make one change. 

Practice it because then it becomes a habit, and then start cultivating the next. Small meaningful changes will help you build resilience that lasts. Helping you be happier, healthier and ready to tackle whatever comes your way next. 

Michelle is our In-House Coach. She is an expert in well-being, balance, and mindset and is passionate about helping people unlock true growth and vibrance in life and work. [email protected]


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