Hair loss, stress and the effect it can have on your health

Hair Loss Stress The Effect It Can Have On Your Health

Hair loss is not welcome at the best of times, but when it starts falling out in clumps you know that there is something seriously awry in your body. Sitting back and waiting is not going to restore hair growth and it is, therefore, time to sit up and start investigating what could possibly be the cause.


Hair loss, what are the causes?

There are many causes of hair loss and here are just a few of the most common causes:

– chronological ageing

– Genetic predisposition

– Thyroid imbalance

– Eating disorders

– Illness

– Stress

– Hormonal effects of birth control pills

– Pregnancy

– Menopause, and

– Certain Medications

Recently one of the bloggers whom we work with approached when she started experiencing extreme hair loss, but don’t listen to us … here is Charlene of Pretty Please Charlie‘s person recount of events.


My hair loss story – Charlene

I’ve always been the one with the hair. ‘Charlene? Oh, the one with the big, bushy curly hair.’ That’s how people have always known me.


My hair has always defined me. Even when I hated my hair as a child. I fell in love with my curls when I was about 20 and I have embraced my big hair ever since. God blessed me with a gorgeous head of hair.


In November 2016 I noticed that I was starting to lose more hair than usual.

I wasn’t too worried at that stage, but with every wash, the loss increased. I didn’t want to talk about it as everyone’s reaction was the same… ‘Charlene, you put your hair through too much’. I was having fun with my hair in 2016. I went from blonde to denim, to various shades of blue and purple, and my goal was to get the perfect shade of grey. I know it sounds hectic, but I was in good hands. The loss became more drastic. It got to a point where I couldn’t wash my hair without bursting into tears. People still tried to convince me that it wasn’t that bad; telling me that they also lose a lot of hair. 


It was truly devastating. It still is. Here I was losing the one thing that gave me confidence. The one thing about my appearance that I was actually proud of. The one thing that made me feel good about who I was on the outside.


My hair also changed from soft and shiny, to hard, brittle and dull. Almost overnight.


How I fought to save my hair

I then reached out to the kind people at the Skin Renewal. They helped me to lose a lot of weight last year ( I took part in the Slender Challenge) and I knew that they would be able to help me. The hair loss started shortly after the challenge, and yes, let’s just say that my dear old friend, comfort food, found me again in that difficult time and all my hard work went down the drain. But that’s a chat for another time.


Dr Graham Duncombe phoned me on a Friday afternoon and we had a long chat. He was so sweet and assured me that they would help me get to the root of the problem (I know, I know!). He sent me for blood tests and we scheduled a follow-up appointment.


In short, the blood tests revealed that my thyroid wasn’t working quite as it should and that iron and Vit B12 levels were not close to what they should be.


Dr Duncombe put me on a course of Metagenics supplements to up my iron levels and to support my thyroid function. I also immediately started on a course of Vit B injections. (IV Infusions are also a great option)


After only a week the daily loss was dramatically reduced! I couldn’t believe my eyes. The treatment was working.”

In conclusion

Successful treatment for hair loss means, seeking professional assistance, getting to the source of the problem and correcting it. We highly recommend functional medicine as an option.



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  1. […] I told you about how Skin & Body Renewal helped me get to the root of my problem (I know; I love puns) in the hair loss post I mentioned earlier. Their love and care has meant the world to me. Plus they were the ones that taught me the importance of supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals, especially during times of extreme stress. I am now that annoying person who says ‘do you take supplements’ as soon as anybody mentions any health issue. And I’m not even sorry! I now pop my pills every day and I am better off for it. Skin Renewal shared my story and info on how stress can effect your health on their blog HERE. […]


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