Glowing Health: IV infusions & How Skin Gets Its Groove Back 

Glowing Health: IV infusions & How Skin Gets Its Groove Back 

Desperate for your end-of-year break? So you may find it is your skin and it’s need for glowing health. After 12 months of stress, sun exposure, and contact with those free radicals we love to hate, your complexion is probably over it. Finished. However, with the party rush hitting, we bet your skin goals are high on glow and low on lacklustre. Is your serum working overtime? Put down the products and think of a whole new way of deeply treating your skin’s health. It’s IV cocktail time!


Get Into The Groove: What Your Skin Needs Right Now 

Adore it or not, the festive season can be stressful. All that rushing around feels chaotic and can manifest through your skin. And it has a name. Have you heard of skin fatigue? There are definite signs; dullness, large pores and feeling like your skin can never ever get enough hydration. So, what causes this lack of glow and dryness? 


Sure, it’s stress, but inside, your body is doing things to try and cope with your hectic schedule. Your adrenal glands release the stress hormone cortisol, affecting blood flow throughout your body. It’s not good news for ageing, as it damages the collagen in your skin. So, basically, the ageing process (you know, the one we’ll always try to pause?) gets accelerated. Skin needs to get its radiance back to help get things back on track. Easier said than done, right? 


If your illuminating cream stick isn’t cutting it, think help from the inside out. Fatigued skin doesn’t reflect light well and can add to that tired look. So, giving your skin a boost with a cocktail of vitamins that feeds it means getting it well again. Think superfood for skin and do some healthy healing from within. 


IV Infusions In Focus: Think Treat, Not Trend For Glowing Health

The wellbeing bandwagon has become a bumpy ride. It’s sometimes confusing to know which treatments or supplements have your back in an ever-increasing industry. Anything and everything seems like a must! However, for skin that’s hit a slump – especially at this time of year – nothing is known to be more targeted than an IV Infusion, and it’s a hero ingredient that turbo-charges skin healing. 


Powerful anti-oxidants like glutathione teamed with vitamins, minerals, and fluids not only hydrate skin but can also support melanin production. Too much melanin stimulation and the skin looks uneven and even pigmented. So, with a clever mix in a Skin Brightening Infusion Cocktail, you’re helping to keep your skin balanced while giving it its glow back. More amazing skin nutrition that zaps the signs of stress comes in the form of magnesium and Vitamin B. This is something to remember when you feel like you’re spinning; low magnesium in the body can push up stress levels. It’s also a case of visa versa: high feelings of physical or mental strain can deplete your magnesium. 


Get Glowing Health, Now!

Known to support your body’s stress response system and cortisol levels, ensuring you’re getting enough magnesium is a BFF move that your mind (and skin) will thank you for. Want to get more than just magnesium? A Chronic Stress Cocktail combines this healthy helper with glutathione and B Vitamins. Say hello to happier energy levels and fighting off fatigue. 


Before you start that mountain of festive gift wrapping or answer your 376th email of the day, think about calling in for a cocktail. The one laced with bubbly can wait for now; for skin that’s feeling as stressed as you, book your body in for a deep dose of vital nutrients. Remember, this is the season of restoration just as much as it is of celebration. So, cheers to you, and now relax…. 



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