Burnout And Chronic Stress: 12 Symptoms to look out for

Burnout And Chronic Stress 12 Symptoms to look out for

Burnout is a direct result of a modern day fast paced lifestyle. Consequently, we tend to push aside health issues, and just plow on and into the craziness of doing life. The problem is that the resultant health problems do not disappear just because you choose to ignore them, in fact, they may compound and eventually result in serious illness.


Chronic stress results in a multitude health problems mainly due to the constant high levels of Cortisol secreted by the adrenal glands. As a result, the body is constant in a state of ‘stress.’


Burnout as a result of chronic stress

Our bodies are designed to cope with stress when it is needed. Burnout, however, is due to an individual experiencing chronic stress, it causes the body to enter into a constant “fight or flight” mode. This, in turn, results in a continuous high level of cortisol in our body which over time cause multiple health concerns including weight gain, fatigue, and sleeplessness.

Cortisol is commonly known as the stress hormone. Cortisol levels that are constantly high can have harmful effects on the body. Over a prolonged time, high Cortisol levels will cause damaging symptoms. Most noteworthy are high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and Adrenal FatigueElevated blood pressure. Particularly relevant with deteriorating insulin sensitivity is a compromised state of health. As a result, you will require urgent attention, to avoid permanent health repercussions.


Burnout symptoms and chronic stress

1. fatigue

2. lethargy or tiredness

3. fearfulness

4. chronic allergies

5. frequent illness

6. arthritis

7. anxiety and depression

8. sleeping problems/ insomnia

9. digestive problems

10. memory loss

11.sexual dysfunction

12. the inability to lose weight due to high cortisol levels despite an extensive effort




Always consult a Functional Medicine Doctor to get a holistic view on treatment. Functional medicine includes treatment making use of medical screening tests, lifestyle and dietary changes, and supplementation to restore and repair the body.


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