Building Strength: A Healthier Holiday Body from the Inside Out

Building Strength: A Healthier Holiday Body from the Inside Out

It’s t-minus a week or so until holiday mode. And while you rush to get work out the way, your takkies are getting zero love. Often the last thing we have time for before a break is our health. Business and family are obviously a priority over evening runs and clean eating – because, life! And life has just got a whole lot more challenging. No need to rehash the news, but this festive season is now perhaps not the holiday you were hoping for. But your wellness needn’t take a knock. Protect yourself building strength from the inside. And for that, there are super-powered supplements that not only help with immunity but gut health too. Remember, IV infusions can do wonders to turbocharge your system. And for everything else, there’s a good ‘ol walk. In fact, science says walking boosts mental health and helps with brain function and memory. And that’s a sure stress buster. Here are some other ways to get stronger!

Gut Health

Want a healthier body? If your system is sluggish or your weight impacts your well-being, don’t doubt the power of good gut health. Researchers found that the gut microbiome (bacteria that help digest food and absorb nutrients) affects your ability to lose weight. And perhaps you may even have a leaky gut, which can be linked to obesity and diabetes. Start with a check-in with your healthcare provider to assess which supplements are needed. Colon Active with essential element magnesium oxide helps tackle constipation and discomfort. Nutraceuticals like Digestive Enzymes deal with your body’s food intake, assisting your gut in handling things better. This supplement is known to help you digest food, ease bloating and indigestion. And to keep your bacteria happy, Probiotic LP SCB is known for its support when on antibiotics. A foundational gut supplement makes it part of your arsenal of health nutraceuticals. 

Nutrition and Building Strength

Time out often means time off a whole lot of things. And while it’s essential to do that digital detox, perhaps not so wise to take your eye off-balanced eating. Being overweight can have wellness implications like hypertension and high cholesterol. Want to get healthier and really help your gut from the inside? Start with a 5 Day Treatment & Preparation. Additionally, a colon/gut cleanse to flush out unhealthy bacteria and yeast mean weight loss is made easier. If not cleared, these nasties feed on old food residues. Health-wise, a colon cleanse is a smart move. It removes toxins from your body for better lymph, liver and kidney function. And it’s also a platform to launch a healthier lifestyle. The Renewal Institute Diet (RID) is a medically-designed and evaluated way to shift kilos. Men tend to drop weight fast, but sometimes pockets (like love handles) can be hard to move. Stored excess needs a holistic and scientific approach with a foundation of balanced health. Living sustainable well-being (and not just ditching those takeaways) means lifestyle changes over fads. 

While the course of this year hasn’t run smooth, it’s been a lesson in resilience. And for your body, that means giving it the fuel to cope with long-haul journeys. IV infusions feed your system with vital nutrients to help it handle health issues – or just life! And while you’re doing life, let a strengthened body get you through the tougher times. Onwards and upwards! 


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