Sleep Deprivation: 8 Interesting Facts

Sleep Deprivation 8 Interesting Facts

Sleep deprivation equates to not sleeping enough or not sleeping well, and it is not OK. As a matter of fact, there is quite a price to pay. It may surprise you to learn that a lack of sleep significantly impacts your health, your brain’s performance, and your overall wellbeing.

Why do we struggle with sleep deprivation?

There are many causes of but one of the biggest culprits are undiagnosed sleep disorders such as Sleep Apnea, Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome or UARS and Insomnia.

After a typical night’s sleep, you should normally feel restored and refreshed, however when you are experiencing interrupted sleep you will notice yourself getting sleepy during the day or wake up feeling totally exhausted. It is human nature for us to dismiss these warning signs to stress or being exhausted from work and family responsibilities … the consequences can be dire!

Here are 8 astonishing facts about people and the results of sleep deprivation:

– 30% of women suffer from insomnia

– 40% of men suffer from insomnia

– 23% of people have difficulty concentrating as a result of a lack of sleep

– 30 % of people are at a higher risk of obesity

– 15 % of people have an increased cardiovascular risk

– 45 % have experienced an increase in depression symptoms

– 20% increase in driving accidents

– 80% of accidents on the road occur due to drowsiness behind the wheel

The sleeping disorder can be successfully treated and managed. Quality sleep and getting to the root of bad sleeping habits make take some investment of both time and money but ultimately the rewards are well worth the outlay. If you are in doubt have yourself checked, there are now home-based sleep studies available … it may just be a ‘life changing’ experience.

** based on American Studies


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