Body Confidence: Must-Do Treatments For A Deep Impact This Summer!

Body Confidence: Must-Do Treatments For A Deep Impact This Summer!

Ready for jeans-with-everything and your favourite boots? Is that because you love winter looks or because colder weather means keeping body conditions under wraps? It’s easy to say, “my spider veins are just part of me”, but to really feel – and feel body confidence – is another matter entirely. And yes, working on how you see yourself is deeply important. However, if there are conditions you’d like treatments for, that’s a beautiful thing too. It’s your body and, therefore, your (very) personal approach. So, here’s a plan…


Deep Impact: Conditions that Mess With Body Confidence 

Did you know that most women have cellulite regardless of body shape? Normalising it means remembering that you, your sister, your inspiring Boss Babe and that Grade 12 Maths teacher you dreaded probably all have it. But let’s dive deeper. While we’re quick to point the finger at the ol’ orange peel effect, those stand-out issues may make us feel less than ready to reveal arms, legs and tummies. Research shows that noticeable scars can have a tangible impact on feeling self-assured – regardless of how you got that scar. Stretchmarks can also make you feel genuinely vulnerable, especially with how we perceive beautiful bodies. Those streaks may be hard to treat but can soften the earlier you work on them. It’s the same with sagging skin; the younger you invest in therapy, the better your results.


Must-Do Treatments: How to Boost Your Body This Season

So Autumn and the upcoming Winter season means you have months to treat your body. First, look at what exactly you’re treating; a condition on its own or a few things? In other words, just a scar or a few concerns like stretchmarks, loose body skin and scarring, including acne scars? That’s where you opt for a dynamic treatment like skin needling that works on many concerns. It saves time, right? It’s the same with Carboxytherapy for stretch marks. The way this particular treatment is tailored to improve collagen in the skin (helping boost elasticity), it’s also known for better lymphatic drainage. And that means smoothing fatty deposits like love handles, bat wings and inner thighs.


Need a Lift? Up and Away Solutions for the Summer Ahead

Think because you’re a certain age, no treatment will halt the skin sag? Guess again. And like the others in this plan, it doesn’t just work on sagging skin; it also helps contour (and bonus: treats and improves the looks of cellulite). So, what’s this trick? Nope, just the right treatment with Endymed Contour. Energy and heat mean pain-free tightening, which is safe for all skin types, with no recovery downtime afterwards. Can the same be said for spider vein treatment? Again, non-invasive treatments like Nd: YAG laser means safe treatment for skin types one to four – and a real improvement in comfort. Remember, spider veins can be small or cover large areas, so the treatment you choose needs to be expertly done and well planned and maintained.


Ultimately you know who you are: conditions aside, your body is beautiful without having to be flawless. But if you want to up your body confidence, a tweak here and there helps to build back your zest. Now is the time to take that journey, so when summer comes again, you’re ready to flaunt your curves.


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