The Mouth: How It Changes with Expression (But Don’t Stop Smiling)

The Mouth: How It Changes with Expression (But Don't Stop Smiling)

Longwear, matte lipstick has become your go-to pout product. Whether you’re sipping on your Friday after-work bubbles or thinking, “is my red lippy bleeding into my mouthlines” your long-wear colour has your back. But do you always want to cover up your beautiful smile with make-up? The mouth and ageing lips are a consequence of a life beautifully lived. Think of it like this: you’re constantly moving your pout. And so, your lips form expression lines (known as vertical lip lines) thanks to constant movement like chewing, sipping, pursing, and smiling. There’s no use in freezing your expression to save your lips. The trick (and treat) is rejuvenating the mouth area as you target other ageing facial zones

Keep Smiling: Mouth Changes and What to Do About Them

First and foremost, don’t stop sharing your smile. You may be concerned about seeing granny’s downturned mouth staring back at you in the mirror, but it’s 2023 – there’s hope! This type of ageing look is simply facial volume loss. And it’s maybe because you’re not so much smiling as frowning. See how expressions work? Depressor muscles that are too busy (overactive) mean the mouth creates creasing in the corners. And it’s the same if you develop a habit or tic over time; you can’t help yourself. Another issue many of us sit with, thanks to a habit, is smoker’s lines. Before you write off these upper lip wrinkles to those hooked on cigarettes, think about all the actions that make your pucker go “oooh.” It’s not just inhaling a cigarette or Vape. Drinking from a straw, chewing gum, whistling, and even talking gets that orbicularis oris (a purse string-like muscle around the mouth), creating wrinkles. No need to put yourself in silent mode; get treatment savvy. 

Treatments for Mouth Expressions: Take Back Skin Smoothness

The thought that the eyes are a dead giveaway to age has long been the mindset. Does that mean the mouth has gotten left behind in therapy innovation? Definitely not! 

For an overhaul, look to treatments like Dermapen Microneedling. Working on lines around the mouth (and other areas like the eyes, cheeks and neck) can also deal with scarring and complete facial rejuvenation. New age micro-needling means your therapy is boosted with the power of heat energy. ENDYMED Intensif RF Micro-needling can keep all skin types safe, especially those with the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from laser or other heat-based treatments. Able to smooth out marionette lines, this treatment type helps turn that frown upside down with a combination of micro-needling and radio frequency. Another smooth operator is filling in wrinkles around your mouth. Your expert aesthetic medical doctor can guide you on dermal fillers to restore volume and soften those lines. 

You may not be ready to bin that long-wear lipstick, but at least you know balm, gloss or just natural lip skin is possible. The best skin is healthy, and your pout can look its prettiest with the right treatments. Pucker up!  


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