Skin Savers: Santa’s Little Helpers To Add Your Festive Wish List 

Skin Savers: Santa’s Little Helpers To Add Your Festive Wish List

In a world of things, do you really need another coffee table book or scented candle for the festive season? Giving and receiving feels incredible, but an experience – and one with brilliant health benefits – means the gift of care. What can you do for someone you love (yourself included) that treats their largest organ? Skin therapy! Helping with the condition and health of the skin not only gives back what time takes out but also means a chance to feel better and look fantastic. Hello skin savers!

And what better gift than that! So, what’s new and highly innovative for skin that needs turning around? Get ready to add these top treatments to your wish list. 

Skin Savers for the Festive Season: Getting Ready for 2023

Whether you’re treating yourself or someone else, think about skin treatments as working towards a goal. What’s yours? Perhaps make a list of the conditions you’ve always wanted help with, and then let a professional aesthetic medical doctor guide you. Ask about new-age treatments that work on many issues and are safe for every South African skin tone. Non-invasive procedures like Endymed FSR treat the skin holistically and safely. 

Looking at challenges that many face in the mirror daily, this ablative heat treatment is the ticket for ageing, sun damage, pigmentation, scarring and even that saggy eye skin you inherited from your mom. A low-risk therapy, those with dark skin tones needn’t stress about the risk of damage from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), which is enough to seriously put you off having anything done! 

Think of this face and body texture game changer as effective enough to stimulate the collagen you need but so gentle that you can even tighten your delicate eye skin. Say no more… 

Santa’s Little Helpers: Long Term Skin Savers

A fantastic facial is always a good idea. And there’s nothing more healing, soothing and skin boosting as one such as HydraTouch or PDT & MesoSilkpeel Facial. And while you glow gorgeously, consider the benefits of laser and light treatments like Secret RF Fractional Microneedling and Laser Genesis. Both use energy to treat skin conditions, and while with a few sessions, results are turbo-charged (slow and steady always wins the race), if you’re into instant gratification, you’ll love the Secret RF. 

Even after just one treatment, this new-age micro-needling skin saver shows off just how hard it works. So what does it do for the skin? Well, a lot, actually! If you’re battling texture issues like acne scarslarge pores, uneven skin tone and texture and even stretch marks, this hybrid of heat energy and micro-needling gets down and remodels collagen. This action tells your skin it’s high time to refresh and revitalise itself – basically, de-age and heal, please! 

The same can be said for Laser Genesis, although the tactics differ. Like new-age micro-needling, this non-invasive laser treatment fuels collagen and is also a hard worker. From plumping lips to calming redness caused by rosacea, this anti-ageing fighter does a whole lot of targeted treatment. And while it’s a winner in combination with other remedies, look at an accessible package that gives you the time you need to get the most out of the skin rejuvenation benefits. 

Ready to move your longed-for skin savers from your wish list to “add to cart”? Remember the essential function of your skin: it’s your fundamental protector between you and the outside world. And, of course, your vital organs. It does a lot of work for your body. And so naturally, it gets stressed out. Give back what it gives to you. And that’s the beauty of amazing skin treatments


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