Inflammaging: the ageing process caused by ongoing inflammation

Inflammaging The Ageing Process Caused By Ongoing Inflammation

Inflammaging is fast becoming a buzz word in the world of health and skincare. The evidence now pointing to the severe implications and ramifications of ignoring internal inflammation. The result is premature ageing of the organs and skin.


What is inflammaging?

Scientific evidence increasingly shows that this condition is cumulative over a lifetime. Exposure to constant inflammatory conditions results in an oxidative process on tissues known as inflammaging. This previously unknown consequence poses a challenge to both the medical and aesthetics fraternity.


Understanding inflammaging

First coined by University of Bologna professor Claudio Franceschi, PhD, more than a decade ago. Inflammaging began as a theory linking underlying inflammatory changes to the causes of most age-associated diseases.

The term ‘inflamm­aging’ is used to describe the ageing phenomenon induced by chronic, persistent inflammation. Most of us are familiar with the visible forms of inflammation. This is seen as redness, swelling, irritation and often discomfort, such as Rosacea. On the other hand, there is that which remains unseen, wreaking havoc with our immune systems. Weakened or aged skin are subject to low-intensity inflammation, undetected this eventually exhausts our body’s defence system. Therefore it is vital to look at inflammation on a systemic level. In order to dismantle the destruction of key youth-sustaining skin structures, and resulting in collagen and elastin degeneration, as well as a breakdown of the skin’s barrier function. As a result, treatment requires a holistic approach.


Four ways in which you can make a difference:

– Be conscious of your skin condition, as an alternative and seek professional advice

– Choose your skin ‘acid ingredients’ wisely

– Restore your skin’s natural barrier function

– Protect your skin at all times with an SPF


Functional medicine paired with medical aesthetics plays a huge role in treating inflammaging long term. Always seek advice from a medical professional, do not self-diagnose!



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  1. Mary Oosthuizen

    He is 77 y old now

    • Beauty desk

      as per previous response 🙂

  2. Mary Oosthuizen

    My husband skin turn red, sometimes skin inface is very dry and come off. Even on his dead was dry dead skin coming of. He drink lots of wine. He feet are swollen. He dont eat veggies much, coz never hungry. Please tell me what to do. He never go to Dr. Mary

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Mary

      Sadly, he needs to go to the doctor. We are not able to diagnose and treat patients without consultation to determine the medical cause of the conditions. I understand the frustrations involved.

      Regards Heather

  3. naomi

    I’m 45 yrs my face looks tired and old lot of rinckles how could u assist

    • admin

      Hi Naomi

      Thank you for your inquiry, our friends over at Skin Renewal have many anti-ageing treatments. You can take a look over here

      Regards Heather


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