Microblading, all you need to know on the latest eye brow trend

Microblading all you need to know on the latest eye brow trend

Microblading is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment and it is the trend set to stay. But what is all the fuss about you may ask?


We’re debunking the hottest trend to give volume and elevate your brows. Microblading is a process similar to that of permanent makeup. However, it promises natural and fuller looking brows in a flash! When used in conjunction with lifting and anti-wrinkle treatments the results are jaw-dropping.


What is microblading?

Wikipedia describes Microblading: “also known by a variety of names such as embroidery, microstroking, feather touch and hair like strokes. It is a form of permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair.  By the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments”


The treatment

The Microblading technique itself involves intense planning, shaping and demarking of the brows prior to the actual treatment itself. After the desired shape has been outlined with a surgical pen, a numbing cream is applied and allowed to sit for approximately 20 minutes. Thereafter, your brow building begins using the needling (tattooing) technique by the dipping the microblade applicator into the chosen pigment to create natural brush strokes across the brows.


Touch-up appointments are mandatory in order to achieve a long lasting result. The interval being two to four weeks after your initial appointment, this allows for the body to heal and the colour to settle and adjust.


The benefits

Microblading allows you to fill in your brows and correct the brow shape so that your brows are customized to suit your face shape. Microblading differs from earlier forms of brow tattooing because the needles are extremely fine in diameter. This allows for feather-like strokes which create hair-like lines and the illusion of natural hair. Thanks to modern advancements in cosmetic tattooing now allow for a more natural, relaxed appearance as opposed to the previous harsh and scary looking brows.


What you need to know

There is minimal to no discomfort, the procedure is quick and effortless. Results typically last for 2-5 years. The colour will initially appear darker than it is due to swelling and the amount of pigment applied. After the healing process of approximately two weeks, the skin will settle and the true colour will be revealed.


As with any permanent or semi-permanent procedure, be sure to seek consultations with only trained technicians who specialize in this technique.


Add on treatments to lift the brow

While brow definition can definitely take off a few years, nothing compares to a little extra lift. Did you know that injectables can quickly give you an additional lift with no downtime? Ask your aesthetics doctor for assistance with either a natural lift or even a 3D liquid lift, the choice is yours.


Are you intrigued? If you’re thinking about getting microblading or have already gone through the procedure, please tell us all about it below. Watch this space for an upcoming review!


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  1. Cobie Odendaal

    I stay near TUKS – does your Brooklyn branch do microblading? what is the cost involved?

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Cobie

      I will forward your info to Izak and he can assist.

      Regards Heather

  2. Frank Hornsby

    What is the cost on your microblading.
    Tyger berg Wilobridge will the closest.
    I want to send my wife for a treat.

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Frank

      I will forward to your contact info to Izak and he will gladly assist.

      Regards Heather

  3. Heidi Bruce

    I am interested in microblading. I have tattooed brows and would like to have the tattoo ink removed. Do you offer tattoo removal treatment at your branch.

    I await your feedback.

    Kind regards
    Heidi Bruce – 0812091195

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Heidi,
      We do at some of our branches, in which area are you based please? You can drop me a mail on [email protected]

      Regards Heather

  4. Chelise

    Hi there, do you do Microblading at your branch in Claremont?
    and what are your prices? if you could email it to me that would be great.


    • Beauty desk

      Hi Chelise

      I will pass along your email address to our Claremont branch and they can get back to you with all the costs etc. Have a super day.

      Regards Heather

  5. Monique Morgan

    Hi there
    I am interested in Microblading. Do you do this at all your branches? Cape Quarter?
    How much is it – I cant see any pricing on your website.

    083 63 99 636

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Monique

      Thank you for your message. Yes, most of our branches do offer this treatment. I will get our Cape Quarter branch to give you a call.
      Regards Heather


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