Quick Fixes: Injectables For A Refreshed, Revitalised Holiday 

Quick Fixes: Injectables For A Refreshed, Revitalised Holiday 

Who’s ready for that long-awaited vacay to Plett? Packed for Umhlanga but need to get through the final work week? That sounds about right. And your skin? If you’ve sorted out the skincare travel bag but feel blegh about how your skin looks and feels right now, here are a few quick fixes that can give your complexion that amazing pep. Think glow, smoothness and freshness. Like a holiday before the actual holiday. Ready to put your skin in pre-vacation bootcamp? After a year of slog, your complexion will thank you. 


Holiday Ready: Quick Fixes to Wake Up Eyes and Re-Plump Lips 

Think of the right type of injectables as putting key zones of your face on retreat. Especially those that show fatigue, like your eyes. This area ages quickly (thanks to super delicate skin) and suffers from issues like dark circles under the eye. Both these and typical crow’s feet can be treated with injectables. While you might not think crows make you look shattered, the droopy skin (loss of collagen and elastin) is to blame. 


Perhaps now you’re only seeing fine lines, but leave those lines be and increased muscle movement deepens them. Structurally and with age, that means more of a furrowed look and (you guessed it) less bright and awake-looking peepers. Your medical aesthetic doctor will advise neurotoxins or dermal volumiser to treat the issue, depending on what’s best suited. However, if you want to target dark circles, look to dermal volumisers to rehydrate, remodel, and rejuvenate this zone. 


Do you feel your lips are lacking a little lustre? While lips aren’t an immediate sign of tiredness, a freshened pucker does scream youth and vitality. Again, this is a job for dermal volumisers, which your pro doctor will guide you on. And maybe it’s simply a case of definition rather than an overdone pout. This helps to boost hydration and elasticity, meaning fantastic skin benefits. Love this journey for you!


Revitalised Skin: Quick Fixes for a Refreshed Face

Needing to put forward your best face but feel like you need more time? That’s where a snappy yet successful treatment is known to do wonders for your skin and vibe. What’s on this type of therapy menu? Chemical peels and laser. Remember, the latter shouldn’t be the kind that means downtime and risk. Not when you have Mauritius to look forward to. And ditch the thinking that you can’t do these treatments in sunny weather. Just up your SPF protection, especially if you’re going to be exposed to the sun.


And if you have the ouch of a sunburn, wait for it to subside. The type of peel that works well for a quick fix refresh is a Radiance Peel (active ingredients include salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid) and is safe for all skin types. While laser may seem like a more risky venture, there is one treatment that isn’t harmful for those skin tones that are prone to potential injury. And who wants to take chances, especially on the eve of the summer holidays? 


PICOtoning laser means treatment for everything from rejuvenation to melasma. Skin tightening and pore reduction? Yes, that, too! This quick therapy may require you to sunscreen up, but you won’t be left with ouchy skin or a holiday season needing to stay indoors. 


Whatever is on your holiday skin hit list, looking – and feeling – your best is totally possible. There’s no need to wait until January to work on flawless; start smoothing and tightening now. Skin treatment is a journey, and a little prep definitely ups the happy vibes. And that’s all part of a better holiday season. Here’s to a beautiful summer. 



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