Hair: 3 Ways To Go About Eliminating Unwanted Hair On The Body

3 Ways To Eliminate Unwanted Hair

Hair can be unsightly and very much unwelcome for many of us. This is true especially when it comes to the underarms, bikini line and legs.

As women the world expects us to be constantly groomed with ‘nary a stray hair’ in sight.

So just how do we manage to tame and rid ourselves of these unwanted hairs?


Three options between short term and long term hair removal:

1.  Removal Creams

These creams are made for topical application, they work by ‘dissolving’ or the breaking of protein bonds. They are time specific and can do some serious harm if not monitored and if the time duration is not adhered too (remember that the skin and hair are made of the same proteins and cells).

Pros – Quick, easy and relatively inexpensive.

Cons – Short term solution, encourages stronger growth and there is a possibility of pigmentation. This happens due to the skin removal during application. It is especially to use SPF if you go into the sun straight after a treatment.


2. Waxing

Waxing is an age old solution to hair removal, it can be quite painful for some and is a short to mid term solution.

Pros – It grows back finer and softer, only need to do treatment once per month.

Cons – Regrowth takes time and you will have fluffy legs in between, you may experience skin removal and/or bruising if done incorrectly. You may not go into direct sunlight for a minimum of 1 day after waxing.


3. IPL/Laser Hair Removal

This method makes use of an Intense Pulsed Light and/or Laser technology in order to achieve what is termed as ‘permanent’ hair removal. It is important to note however that you may need to visit for the odd stray hair after you have completed your course of treatments.

Pros – It is destroyed from the growth area and other than an occasional straggler it’s permanent.

Cons – It can only be done in stages and can prove to be a little sensitive.

These methods of hair removal are long term to permanent and require a course of treatments in order to see long lasting results. Treatments should be done by qualified therapists and are monitored at all times.


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