Forty And Fabulous: How to Have the Best Skin in Your 40’s

Forty And Fabulous: How to Have the Best Skin in Your 40’s

Turning forty is just a number, but perhaps not for your health. It’s this decade where we need to show even more respect for our bodies. Ignore any warning signs and you’ll really notice a dip in wellness. And that goes for your skin too. How to have the best skin in your 40’s? Take a multi-faceted approached and you body’s largest organ will thank you, we all want to be forty and fabulous!

Check Your Oestrogen Levels

While you might flinch at the term perimenopause, this is age it starts for most women. Your ovaries producing less oestrogen (beginning during perimenopause and ending during menopause) is the culprit. This is where you need your doctor’s expert advice. Not only will perimenopause affect your mood and sleep, but your skin too. Seeing acne on your skin? You don’t have to be a teenager for pimples and break outs to crop up. Thanks hormones! Or rather, hormones that are up one minute, down the next. Additionally, there may be dry skin to deal with. Ageing means less water in the skin, which becomes about 10 percent drier each decade. Now for the bit no woman wants to admit; facial hair. Plucking more than just the occasional chin hair while staring anxiously in the mirror? Testosterone is to blame for that. In other words, less oestrogen gives testosterone a chance to wreak havoc. Best course of action is to have your hormone levels checked with your healthcare professional. And then talk about the possibility of oestrogen therapy. How can this help your skin? Adding oestrogen that’s lacking is known to boost hydration and elasticity. Therefore dry skin can really be soothed and de-aged.

Forty And Fabulous Means It’s Time To Get Skincare Savvy

As the skin ages, so product requirements change. Again, take your cue from the shift going on inside your body. Hormonal deregulation isn’t a straightforward process. Unfortunately when oestrogen levels drop, so too does your collagen. Before you spend up a storm on serious treatment creams, go back to the basics. Protection. Guard what you still have with a broad-spectrum UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared-A SPF. Then, do you need to switch up the texture of your body moisturisers? To deal with dryness, try a heavier cream instead of a lotion. Needing to get on top of your hormonal acne? The most common places these spots appear is the chin and jawline. Additionally, hormonal acne looks red and pimply, popping out from under the surface. Zap it with non-comedogenic products. This means your chosen skincare is formulated specially to not block the skin’s pores. While it may make sense to buy skincare for oily skins, check with your aesthetic professional. If too astringent, then choose products for normal to oily skins. Or perhaps you need more targeted treatments for controlled use. So, go for spot treatment with an acne-fighting ingredient like salicylic acid.

Show Ageing the Door

Hormones aside, for many 40 plus, this is the decade they’re getting serious about anti-aging. Open chats to friends about neurotoxins and dermal filler appointments mean we’re getting real. Look better, feel better right? Moreover, we’re also turning to oral supplements to help our skins with a youth boost.  Using skincare products with Vitamin A derivative and retinoids to help build up collagen? Add to their anti-aging power with nutraceuticals that support skin health as well reduce inflammation. The latter is known to fast-track the aging process. Supplements that can help are Zinc , CLA and Pro-Pheroid Glutathione. Also ask your aesthetic doctor about essential de-aging antioxidants like Resveratrol.

How to have the best skin in your 40’s? Take ownership of this decade – and beyond – by getting to know what’s going inside. You can be forty and fabulous with a tailored skin journey.


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