Fade to Flawless: The Latest in Pigmentation Peels

Fade to Flawless: The Latest in Pigmentation Peels

What ruins your glow more than a cancelled flight to Mauritius? Pigmentation? Oh yes, you guessed right! This condition affects South African women of all skin tones and is reportedly the number one skin issue we all battle. So, what gives? From the darkest to the lightest of complexions, skin discolouration challenges every woman. 


And – more bad news – it is one of the trickiest skin problems to treat and manage. Before you vow to live indoors the rest of your life, think about it this way: once you know the type of pigmentation you’re dealing with, sorting it out is much easier. From peels to nutraceuticals, you’ll soon find your groove to protect that glow. 


Pigmentation Peels: Meet the MesoBrite Team  

As you need a serious approach to your pigmentation treatment, a chemical peel means tackling hyperpigmentation through exfoliation of the superficial layer of your dermis (skin). But what about dark marks that sit deeper? Got melasma? This type of hormonal pigmentation is a dynamic condition and more challenging to treat. 


That’s because you’ll find it’s stubborn and also active. You’re battling it constantly, back to those dark marks that are hard to shift. While you want to see them lifted, you don’t want any dreaded post-treatment injury to your skin, like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Enter a peel that is safe to use on all skin tones and sensitive to inflammation. That means it helps control inflammatory triggers. Too good to be true? No, it’s MesoBrite. There are two peels to choose from: MesoBrite and MesoBrite Lite. They both include homecare (after an in-clinic session), and both are ideal for melasma sufferers, PIH treatment, acne blemishes, and even acne itself. So, how do you make your MesoBrite choice? 


Look to your budget and how deep-seated your melasma or PIH is. And that’s where the help of an expert medical aesthetic professional makes all the difference. Remember, it’s a two-part therapy: layers of peel and a deep de-pigmenting mask (your skilled medical skin therapist will take care of this). Secondly, the at-home kit with maintenance creams means your results can really be boosted. 


Fading Dark Marks: Other Ways to Support Flawless Skin

Think about working on your skin tone like your beautiful curves at the gym; all those HIIT classes need the right trainer. It’s the same with pigmentation. To rev up the treatment, natural anti-inflammatories supplemented into your diet, like RID MSM and Vitamin C Powder, are known to work with conditions like arthritis. Imagine how it can help your skin! Antioxidant Pro-Pheroid Glutathione is another weapon in your anti-inflammatory arsenal. 


Research shows that not only is it beneficial to lowering inflammation in the body, but it supports immunity as well. Want to dose things up a notch? Sign yourself up for a Skin Brightening Infusion Cocktail. It really does pack a punch, especially if you’re new to the nutraceutical game. Teamed with potent glutathione are vitamins, minerals and fluids that hydrate skin and help lower melanin production. This, over time, is known to push glow back into the skin and assist with pigmentation treatment. 


Are you feeling more confident about your complexion? Starting that deep dive into dark mark therapy is always a little unsettling, especially if you’re a first-timer. However, with an on-point peel and the right supplements, you got this. Here’s to your beautiful skin! 



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  1. Portia Kekana

    Good day

    How do I remove stubborn pigmentation. What is the process and how much will it cost .

    Regards, Portia

    • Beauty desk

      Hi Portia

      Thank you for reaching out, Our online team will be in touch shortly to assist you with more info, treatment options etc.



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