Anti-ageing: NAD+ & Resveratrol the hot new power couple for skin & body

Anti-ageing: NAD+ & Resveratrol the hot new power couple for skin & body

 When it comes to taking good care of your skin, it’s a well-known fact that what you put into your body is just as important as what you put on it. After all, what’s the point of taking the time to apply anti-ageing products like sunscreen, antioxidants and retinol if you’re eating a nutrient-poor diet? Healthy glowing skin will always require an inside-out approach. Still, we’re starting to learn that vitamin-rich superfoods will always be good news for skin; there are other highly potent antioxidants out there. More interestingly, when consumed together, they can enhance each other’s effects.

A potent new duo in anti-ageing

One such example of a recently discovered anti-ageing power couple is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) and Resveratrol. If you know your antioxidants, you’ll have heard of Resveratrol. It is a plant compound found in the skin of grapes and blueberries. Studies have shown it may help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. It also improves insulin sensitivity, suppress cancer cells and has a protective effect on your brain cells. It’s also a great natural anti-inflammatory. 

As for NAD+, this antioxidant co-enzyme is found in all living cells. It is vital for producing energy and rapid DNA repair. NAD+ also supports your immune system. So the more you have, the more your body functions like a youthful one. 

While we can manufacture NAD+ from consuming more vitamin B3, this won’t create the enormous amount our bodies need to function optimally. Thus, the majority of our NAD+ is generated from the recycling systems in our cells. Alas, as we get older, these pathways get less effective, and the amount of NAD+ we require to tend to an ageing body means our natural supply starts to dwindle. 

Then there’s the sirtuin connection

Now let’s talk about sirtuins! These are a family of enzymes “powered” by NAD+ that play an essential role in how we age. For example, SIRT1 protects the walls of your veins, and SIRT3 is protective against high cholesterol. So, when your NAD+ levels decline, so does your sirtuin activity. This accelerates the ageing process, reduces your overall energy and inhibits your ability to fight off infections and repair tissues. In short, you really want to have enough NAD+ if you want happy, healthy sirtuins.

So, how can you increase your NAD+ levels? As we said, it’s not possible to get enough vitamin B3 through your diet to meet the demand your body has for NAD+ creation. Thus, you need to either use less NAD+ or boost its production. One way to reduce how much you use is to get a handle on conditions that cause inflammation – something that will drain your body of NAD+ faster than a battery of a car with the light’s left on. This could be done via lifestyle changes and careful nutrition. As far as boosting its creation goes, this is where supplementation comes in. 

Choose the best for anti-ageing

While a quick google will reveal several NAD+ boosting supplements out there, the best will contain NAD+ pre-cursors and Resveratrol. Why? Resveratrol enhances the activation of sirtuins so, when taken together with a NAD+ booster, you get to “switch on” more anti-ageing pathways and then keep them powered up! 

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a brilliantly formulated top quality supplement that will help boost your body’s NAD+ supply and them optimise it, look no further than Renewal Institute NAD + Resveratrol. Not only is it a potent antioxidant combination, it’ll promote cellular health and repair and supports energy production, brain function and cognition. In short, it’s the smartest choice on the shelf. 


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